Statement on the petition to re-open the Jim Durrell Recreation Center

Dear Ottawa residents,

On Friday, July 17, I reached out to Councillors Brockington and Cloutier to inquire if the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre would reopen for sports use as part of Ontario’s move into Phase 3. The reason is that sports are important for all of our children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Councillor Cloutier responded that it is important to ensure we are protecting Ottawa’s most vulnerable and caring for homeless’ men in need. I agree with Councillor Cloutier: helping homeless people needs to be a priority for all Ottawa citizens. This is why Kardish works with local charities such as Foodsharing Ottawa, Eat More Soup, and The Shepherds of Good Hope.

In these unprecedented times, I hope Ottawa can come together to brainstorm creative solutions to provide homeless people with shelter and to improve children’s’ mental health. Through collaboration and discussion, I believe we have the opportunity to greatly improve our community for Ottawa’s most vulnerable during this troubling time.


Robert Assaf

President & CEO

Kardish Health Food Centre

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  • Posted On August 02, 2020 by Travis Stevens

    Your a horrible person.

  • Posted On July 31, 2020 by Former Kardish Fan

    I was an employee many years ago at the beginning. Their father was a misogynistic blowhard who disrespected and yelled at female employees. Rob and Carey were overheard bragging about how they used the newest employees to do the brunt work of moving locations (in the Glebe) how they had them down on their knees cleaning and scrubbing after hours, instead of hiring professional movers. As the newly rich often do, they treat their employees as servents.. ex: I pay you, I own you. They once fired a single mom who lived in high crime area for being late as there was a shooting in her neighbourhood and she couldn’t move her car. We were often berated for not meeting sales, pushed to give health advice that we weren’t qualified for. The educational monthly seminars? It was mandatory at their head office, expired snacks, no break time and no travel time paid to minimum wagers who were forced to be back at work unpaid overtime.
    I always knew this guy and his family were peices of shit, entitled garbage. I never knew it would become public and it’s highly amusing after all these years…

  • Posted On July 30, 2020 by Shannon

    Wow. That was an incredibly heartless statement. I am an avid user of your market due to the social responsibility values your company holds. I won’t be anymore.

  • Posted On July 30, 2020 by Rebecca

    It’s easy to take back words but your actions have consequences Sir. You can’t simply take down your hate speech and it will all go away. We need to be held accountable for our actions so that maybe next time you will realize just because you have money doesn’t mean your more important. You made the choice to Involve your business in a personal vendetta with an elected official because you didn’t like being told no…. check your privilege. As citizens are fighting for their own livelihood during these uncertain time to not become homeless you choose to use your voice for selfish reasons. That is not how we build a community. That is not how we show our community that we are a leader and care.

  • Posted On July 30, 2020 by Charles

    mrAssad ,
    It’s clear you are starting to realize how big a mistake you have made The city is now against you and now that it’s effecting your pocket book the back peddling has started.
    You are a smart man… have to be…..running not only one store but several. I have no doubt in my mind that you have a big and kind heart but it seems that it has gotten lost in your success and you seem to have held your self higher than others.
    You made a mistake and you were not thinking straight . I think now you see how selfish your attempts were. Don’t correct this with your pocket book instead go and volunteer at a homeless shelter and see how horrible these conditions are. Every one and anyone can throw money at someone but show you are sorry by giving your time and effort. I think you lost your self in your success and maybe this is the wake up call you needed.
    To the people of Ottawa…….why must we embrace the cancel culture…….why can’t we let people make mistakes and then educate them on why they messed up. None of us have walked this earth with out making a mistake. It’s impossible. He made a bad judgment call and he’s seeing that.
    I lived in a homeless shelter 15 years ago and saw first hand how bad the system is but with the right help I was quickly able to get out of there and make a name for
    My self. Lets educate people instead of canceling them. Growth can not happen with out mistakes. I don’t like that this happened but now that he sees how selfish it was let’s help turn things around and maybe this was a hidden blessing and now he can be a key part in helping this key problem.
    Let’s help not cancel

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