Easy Ways to Treat Yourself

Posted by Courtney Robertson on May 04, 2016 /  comments

It’s Mother’s Day and we think you deserve a break. Put your feet up, relax and browse our list of ways to treat yourself. You could always email a copy to your husband or print it out for the kids!

A day at the spa.. at home!

Grab your comfiest robe and a pair of slippers (maybe a glass of wine too). We want you to have a day at the spa without going anywhere. First thing – a facial! Get the benefits of a spa facial at home with Andalou’s newest product, Hydro Serum Facial Masks. Choose from three varieties designed to clarify, firm and hydrate. You can rest easy knowing that these products are made without harsh ingredients. You can apply these masks in one single step, which leaves plenty of time to unwind. After removing your mask, exfoliate using konjac sponges, also made by Andalou. Finish up your spa facial by applying soothing aloe vera gel or sweet almond oil.   

Try a DIY makeover

Despite what some may say about natural cosmetics being inadequate, many are just as good if not better than conventional options. Natural makeup is also better for your health by limiting your exposure to things like phlatates, parabens and lead.  Try Mineral Fusions awesome line of lipsticks, eye colour, foundation and nail polish. Want to change up your hair colour or dye those roots? Ditch the drugstore dyes and try Naturtint. You’ll be looking extra fancy for your Mother’s Day brunch!

Relax with aromatherapy

Sit back with a good book, big mug of tea and enjoy the soothing scents of essential oils like lavender and chamomile. Plug in a NOW oil diffuser and add your favourite combinations. Aura Cacia has created plenty of great aromatherapy recipes for home, bath, body kids and even pets. Don’t have an oil diffuser? Create body mists and room sprays by mixing essential oils with water and adding them to spray bottles. Also try adding a few drops to cool light bulbs and allow the heat to disperse the scent.

Take the perfect bath

Finish off your day with a warm soothing bath. Add a few drops of lavender oil, a scoop of Epsom salts and a dash of coconut oil. Epsom salts contain magnesium which relaxes muscles and alleviates tension. Rub in any extra oil when you get out of the bath and apply a rich body lotion like shea or cocoa butter.

Now, close your eyes and dream of Mother’s Days to come..

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