Meet 7 of Our Favourite Healthy Canadian Companies

Meet 7 of Our Favourite Healthy Canadian Companies

Discover the best in health and wellness with our curated selection of locally made and Canadian products. From the raw honey of the Ottawa Valley to the Chaga supplements of Southern Quebec, each product we feature is dedicated to enhancing your well-being. Whether you’re interested in organic personal care from Green Beaver or low-sugar treats from Smart Sweets, our diverse offerings cater to a wide range of health and wellness needs. Read on to explore the unique benefits of these trusted brands.


Kardish Store Brand

Kardish was established in 1979 and has become the largest health food retailer in Ottawa with multiple locations throughout the city. Kardish is dedicated to providing locally made products that improve personal health. The introduction of the Kardish line focuses on offering Canadian products that can be trusted to support our health. Our products encompass a wide range of supplements designed to cater to various health and wellness needs.


Unheated Honey

Unheated Honey is located in the Ottawa Valley region and began in 1999. The founder, Alexandre Pokhodoun, started beekeeping with his father when was just 9 years old and keeps his passion alive today by offering high-quality unpasteurized honey. Compared to heated honey, unheated honey allows for the enzymes that make honey unique to remain bioactive, allowing for a unique aroma and taste, as well as special health benefits. 



Located in Southern Quebec, SURO focuses on elderberry-based products. It is the first and biggest organic producer of elderberry-based products in Canada. In addition, SURO offers many other health products. In addition to elderberry products, Kardish carries their Chaga - a high-quality, organic supplement that is made from sustainably harvested Canadian Chaga mushrooms. Chaga mushrooms typically grow on white or yellow birch trees located in the colder climates of Canada. 


Green Beaver

Founded in 2002, Green Beaver is a Canadian brand that emphasizes natural, eco-friendly personal care products. They offer a wide range of items such as body washes, lotions, deodorants, sunscreens, and oral care products. Green Beaver is known for using organic, locally sourced ingredients and avoiding harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional personal care products. They seek to promote a healthier lifestyle through the use of natural products that are better for both individuals and the environment.


St Francis Herb Farm

St. Francis Herb Farm, located in Barry's Bay, Ontario has been a pioneer in herbal remedies for over 30 years. As multigenerational herbal artisans with a passionate obsession for herbs, their dedication to understanding, nurturing, and extracting the healing compounds of the plant world sets them apart. Every herb they work with reveals its wisdom in helping the body heal and be nourished naturally. At St. Francis Herb Farm, they believe each of nature’s healing plants is special and requires a unique approach to fully harness its therapeutic qualities. This belief led to the creation of their Holistic Herb Approach™, which customizes their methods to respect and draw the best out of each plant's distinctive biological signature. They proudly collaborate with Canadian organic farmers who share their commitment to a wholesome, back-to-basics way of living.


Smart Sweets

A Vancouver-based company, Smart Sweets is known for offering a variety of low-sugar, high-fiber candy alternatives. Their products are all manufactured in Canada and designed to be a healthier option compared to traditional candies by reducing sugar content significantly without using sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Their commitment to quality and innovation has garnered a loyal following among health-conscious consumers. Whether you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth or seeking a guilt-free treat, Smart Sweets offers a range of flavours and products that cater to various tastes, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite candies in a healthier way.


FourX Better Chocolates

Indulge in the decadence of FourX Better Chocolates, a standout among Canadian health-focused companies. Founded by a leading Canadian female entrepreneur (Suzie Yorke, founder of Love Good Fats), this innovative line of functional snacks includes five delicious Chocolate Bites with 0g of added sugar and pure cacao from Ecuador. Each treat is 100% Single Origin, Bean-to-Bar, and Fair Trade Certified, supporting 3,422 small farms. The chocolates are processed without alkali, artificial flavours, or chemicals, retaining most antioxidants and flavonoids for a richer, healthier experience. The company is proudly certified Woman Owned and Fair Trade. Available in Canada now, discover the better choice in chocolate and elevate your wellness journey.


Why We Care About Canadian Companies

At Kardish, we believe in the power of locally made, high-quality products to transform personal health. Our dedication to sourcing the best Canadian brands ensures that you receive trustworthy, effective solutions for your wellness journey. Whether you’re looking for natural supplements, herbal remedies, or eco-friendly personal care products, Kardish has you covered. Join us in embracing a healthier lifestyle with products that are as good for you as they are for the environment. Visit one of our multiple locations across Ottawa and experience the Kardish difference today.