Natural Bug Repellents

Natural Bug Repellents

If you live in Ottawa and surrounding areas you've likely noticed plenty of bugs and mosquitoes this spring. This is in large part due to the heavy rainfall we've been experiencing. Ottawa has also been deemed a high-risk area for Lyme Disease thanks to the increased tick population. If you're looking for a healthier bug repellent for your family, here are our top four picks!

Kardish Outdoor Body Spray

With our outdoor body spray you no longer need to worry about breathing in harsh ingredients from conventional bug spray. Kardish Outdoor Body Spray is a natural bug spray made from essential oils. Safe and effective! 

Make Your Own! 

There has been some evidence to show that applying a mixture of lemongrass and eucalyptus to the skin may ward off ticks. Try making your own with these four ingredients by Kardish.  

  • 7 drops of lemongrass
  • 7 drops of eucalyptus 
  • 5 drops of geranium (optional)
  • Fractionated coconut oil

Add oils to a 2oz. empty spray bottle. Fill remainder of the bottle with fractionated liquid coconut oil and shake. Use to spray pant legs and shoes before heading outside. 

Further reduce your tick risk by wearing long sleeves and tucking pants into socks.


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