6 Simple Ways to Sleep Better With Essential Oils

Posted by Courtney Robertson on Aug 04, 2016 /  comments

Extracted from the flowers, leaves and roots of various plants, essential oils have been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. Recently, we have seen a resurgence in the use of essential oils. At Kardish, we are thrilled to see people taking on a keen interest in aromatherapy, but also recognize that some claims for essential oils could be unfounded, at best, or dangerous at worst. That’s why we always suggest testing small amounts of oil first and never ingesting them.

One of the most common applications for aromatherapy is sleep improvement, an effect that studies have tested and proven to work. Our favourite bedtime oils are lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang and bergamot. It’s important to know how to use these oils properly in order to harness their benefits, so let us show you!

Here are six ways to incorporate essential oils into your home - for overall stress release, and for a better night’s sleep.

1. Plug in a diffuser

A diffuser like those made by NOW can be a safe and easy way to utilize essential oils throughout your home. Diffusers use water and heat to create steam which allows the scents to be dispersed throughout the room.

2. Dab it on a lightbulb

Adding a couple dabs of essential oil to a cool light bulb will disperse scent into the air as the bulb heats. This can be a much safer alternative to candles, especially in kids’ bedrooms.

3. Soak a cottonball

Soak a few cotton balls in your favourite essential oil and hide them throughout the bedroom, making sure to keep them out of reach of pets and children.

4. Make your own blends

When applying essential oils to the skin, most need to be mixed with a carrier oil first. Almond, jojoba and grapeseed make great carrier oils. It’s suggested that for every 30ml of carrier oil you add 6-18 drops of essential oil.

5. Create a comforting linen spray

Throw away deodorizing sprays made with harsh chemicals and make your own natural version using witch hazel, water and essential oils. Add the mixture to a small spray bottle and use throughout your bedroom and on bedclothes. 

6. Enjoy them in a warm bath

Add a few drops of lavender or chamomile to your bath water along with a sprinkle of Epson salts to relax muscles and promote calmness.


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