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Local Spotlight: Oat & Mill

Posted by Kardish Team on Jun 30, 2017

Oat & Mill is made using 100% whole grain, Canadian and certified gluten-free oats, and a little bit of magic. It begins as oat cream, which is churned into decadent frozen desserts, made using only the most natural vegan and gluten-free ingredients right here in Ottawa.


Local Spotlight: enerjive Crackers

Posted by Kardish Team on Feb 14, 2017

We had the opportunity to interview the founder of enerjive, Korey Kealey. After discovering that she was intolerant to gluten, Korey was determined to find a healthy, gluten-free option that wasn't a heavy, chalky bread replacement. That's when Korey found quinoa, the special seed with magical powers (and plenty of healthy benefits). Her eyes lit up with gluten-free glee and enerjive was born. Korey also co-authored the Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Moms with Erin Phillips in 2014. Korey can often be seen whipping up quick, healthy meals on local and national television, delivering her down-to-earth style of cooking and creating tasty recipes. Here's more from Korey!


Local Spotlight: Zengarry Cashew Cheese

Posted by Kardish Team on Nov 23, 2016

Need a lactose-free option for your holiday party? Zengarry Cashew Cheese not only a delicious and 100% dairy-free option, it's also local! Scroll down to watch our interview with Lynda Turner, owner and founder of Fauxmagerie Zengarry. Lynda produces her vegan cashew cheese in Alexandria, Ontario, just an hour's drive outside of Ottawa.