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Winter Essentials: 3 Delicious Soup Recipes

Posted by Kardish Team on Nov 02, 2018

Not only are soups a great way to warm up on a cold fall day but they are a great way to use seasonal vegetables in a very simple way. Soups are simple to prepare, even for the most amateur of cooks, and store well in the fridge and freezer for days and months to come.


4 Supplements Formulated Specifically for Women

Posted by Courtney Robertson on Apr 24, 2017

Supplements are designed to support different parts of the body, reduce symptoms associated with various health concerns and to promote overall well-being. There are also supplements designed for specific age groups and gender. You can purchase a multivitamin for kids, saw palmetto for prostate health, vitamin D for vegans, and the list goes on!  Sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out what is the right product for you.


Allergy Friendly Easter Treats at Kardish!

Posted by Courtney Robertson on Mar 31, 2017


It’s tough being a kid. It’s even tougher when you have an allergy, and get left out of everyone’s favourite festivities. In this post we’ll share with you some of the fun and delicious treats we have at Kardish that make Easter just a bit more inclusive. (PS Pass it on to the Easter Bunny so he knows what to bring!)