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Natural Summer Skin Care

Posted by Kardish Team on Jul 03, 2017

In a previous post we discussed why protecting this external organ from UV rays is so important, but what about caring for damaged or already sunburned skin? Of course diet plays a large role, but there are things that can be done topically to heal, soothe and nourish the bodies largest organ.


5 Natural Beauty Hacks for Summer

Posted by Courtney Robertson on May 29, 2017

We’re happy not to deal with windchill or snow storms anymore, but humidity and searing temperatures can really affect our daily beauty routine! We can’t stop the sun from shining (not that we want to), but we can offer some advice to help keep skin healthy, makeup fresh, and hair looking glamourous. Here are our top five summer beauty hacks!


3 Foods for Better Skin Health

Posted by Kardish Team on Mar 28, 2017

For the past six months we’ve been hiding behind hats, mittens and winter coats, making skin health low on our list of priorities. As the sun emerges and we begin to remove those layers, we start to think about ways to keep our skin healthy and vibrant. We've asked three local nutritionists about their favourite skin-loving foo


4 Oils for Softer, Heathier Skin

Posted by Courtney Robertson on Jan 27, 2017

A winter wonderland can quickly make our skin dry, flaky and sensitive. This happens for several reasons - indoor heating, low humidity, heavier clothing, and frigid temperatures. Left untreated, dry skin can become irritated and even crack and bleed. So, what can you do to soften and nourish delicate skin? Let’s talk about 4 great oils for better skin health.