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Wellness Blog

How To Give Back Locally This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of giving back—here are some ways you can help make a difference in your community this holiday season!

Organize a contactless food drive

To arrange a local food drive is simple. All that’s required is a vehicle and a community that cares. Start by distributing flyers in your area, asking neighbours to leave non-perishable food items on their front step at a specific date and time. Then, simply drive around, collect the items, and deliver the haul to your local food bank. The generosity of your neighbours might surprise you!


 Research possible organization and offer to give your time and skills to help. Possible opportunities could include manning a crisis phone line, food drive, giving translation services, or providing professional expertise.

Spread the word

Use your voice for good! Leverage your social media accounts to share information about local causes and small businesses that people can support over the holiday season. 

Help a neighbour

As the holidays approach, check in with neighbours, friends, and family members who are elderly. You may be able to provide much needed help delivering groceries and supplies or running errands. 

Give blood

Blood donations are always important, but hospitals need them now more than ever. If you’ve never given blood before, there is no better time to give it a try. It’s easier than you might think, and your gift could save lives.

Shovel a walk

Shoveling snow is a small task that can make a significant difference for you neighbours. When you’re clearing your own walk this winter, take a little extra time to shovel someone else’s—maybe even two or three others. The extra ten minutes you spend could mean the world to an elderly neighbour, someone with a disability, or a family that could use an extra hand.

Shop locally

With so many small businesses rebuilding after the past few years, you can help by spending your money thoughtfully this season. When possible, take the opportunity to buy holiday gifts from local businesses in your community. 


Local charities need your help right now, too. If it’s possible within your budget, consider making a donation or two to frontline organizations such as shelters, food banks, and community support programs. With the pandemic stretching resources thinner than ever for non-profits, your donation can make a tremendous impact on the lives of others this holiday season.

Wellness Blog

Healthy At Home Contest

This winter we’re all facing the challenge of finding ways to be healthy at home. We want to share our journeys to better health with our community to help support and motivate each other.


What are the best ways you’ve found to be healthy at home? We want to know! Share them with us by posting your image to Instagram, tagging us and using the hashtag #HealthyAtHome. Or share them on Facebook by commenting on this post with your photo!


Whether you’re trying a new exercise routine, making more meals with organic meats and vegetables or finding ways to incorporate more vitamins and minerals into your diet, share them with the community!

Healthy At Home Kardish Wellness Kit Prize


After February 8, 2021 a random winner from valid applicants will be selected to receive a Kardish Wellness Kit that includes the following Kardish products:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Vitamin D3 1000IU 15ml Drops
  • Vitamin C Crystals
  • Hand Sanitizing Gel 100ml
  • Oil of Oregano


To participate in the contest you have to post a public image to Instagram with the hashtag #HealthyAtHome and tag @KardishFoods before February 8, 2021. Or you can post a public image to this Facebook post and describe how you stay healthy at home. You will also have to be following Kardish on Instagram or Facebook. Only one valid entry per account will be considered for the selection of the winner. Quality of the image has no impact on submission validity.

Wellness Blog

6 Energizing Smoothie Ideas

How good is your smoothie game? If your blender is collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere, take this as an opportunity to give it a spin with a few new recipes that you’re sure to love.

After all, nothing provides a much-needed boost of energy like a well-crafted smoothie. Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast, a fruit lover, or simply someone who prefers a liquid breakfast, these ideas are for you.

Tropical treat

With beach vacations temporarily off limits for most of us, this smoothie is the next best thing. To put it together, start with your favourite tropical fruits—we love pineapple, mango, and papaya. Then, add a splash of orange juice, a little squeeze of lime, and some coconut milk for that extra tropical twist.

 Get your greens

The trick with any green smoothie is to sneak in those greens behind a façade of tasty fruit. First, blend a handful of spinach with almond or coconut milk to ensure that you break up any big leafy chunks. Then, add a couple spoonfuls of fruity yogurt, as well as bananas, strawberries or raspberries to add a sweet little zing to your healthy cocktail. 

 Peachy keen

Who doesn’t love a creamy peach treat first thing in the morning? The key to an extra rich recipe is peach nectar—add it on top of your fresh or frozen peach slices. Then, throw in a couple scoops of vanilla yogurt for a perfectly smooth blend.

Berry burst

There is no such thing as too many berries—especially in a smoothie. Blend any berry you have on hand, from blueberries to strawberries to huckleberries and acai. You can even add cherries if you don’t mind broadening your definition of berry a little. Then, use a nice big splash of your go-to fruit juice as your liquid base, and you’re ready to give it a spin in the blender.

Go nuts

Not only are nut butters delicious, but they’re a great source of protein and good fats. Select your favorite—whether it’s almond, cashew, or good old-fashioned peanut—and drop a couple tablespoons into the blender with your preferred milk or milk substitute. Then, just add a ripe banana and a little Greek yogurt to provide some body. For an extra treat, you can even add a squirt of chocolate syrup.

 Mellow yellow

Sometimes a color scheme is enough to inspire a recipe. Gather all your favorite sunshine-y vegetables—we’re talking mango, banana, pineapple, peach, guava, and even pear. Then, add a milk of your choice and a little plain yogurt as a base. Frozen fruit will come in handy here, as most of us don’t have half a dozen colour-coordinated fruit options ripe and ready at any given time. 

Of course, these are just guidelines to get you started. Once you’ve found your go-to flavours and ingredients, don’t be afraid to improvise! It’s tough to go wrong. Take this as the perfect opportunity to get a little creative in your morning routine.