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5 Superfoods That Are Likely In Your Pantry Right Now!

Superfood is a term heard everywhere these days, but what is a superfood? By definition it is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” There are several different superfoods, each with their own unique benefit and property to aid in a healthy and balanced diet. These superfoods are nutrient dense and provide a healthy dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Enjoying a diet full of nutrient dense superfoods can be beneficial, but it is important to make sure that it is balanced enough to be healthy and sustainable. Here are 5 superfoods that may even be in your pantry right now!

Leafy greens 

Dark green leafy vegetables are a great addition to any meal and a healthy option to boot. Packed full of good fiber and nutrients including zinc, folate, and iron, leafy greens can be added to soups, smoothies, or even stir-fry. Getting creative with vegetables often makes them more enjoyable. Using kale, spinach, or swiss chard in any dish can help boost a meal and make it more nutrient dense.  


Blueberries are a great snack choice and a vitamin packed addition to many meals. They are made up of Anthocyanin, which makes them blue in colour and high in antioxidants. Blueberries are the highest antioxidant rich fruit, and an excellent source of Vitamin C. They can be enjoyed on their own or make a delicious option in a smoothie or acai bowl. 


Salmon is a delicious and nutritious option that is high in B-vitamins and omega 3 which are linked to boosting brain and cognitive function. Salmon can be served as a main dish or added to salads and stir-fry, the options are endless and the benefits are incredible. 


Almonds, pecans and pistachios are a high source of fiber and heart healthy fats. They are also an alternative option for a vegetarian protein.  The carbohydrate content in nuts can be variable so they are a satisfying option for a lower or higher carbohydrate snack depending on dietary needs and preference. They can be enjoyed raw or as a nut butter spread on toast. 

Cruciferous vegetable

Cruciferous vegetables including broccoli and cauliflower are an incredible option for added nutrition. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and a high source of fiber. Try adding some cruciferous vegetables to your next salad, or roasting them in the oven. The options are endless!

Wellness Blog

8 Ways To Add More Activity Into Your Day

We all know that we need to be getting more exercise, but it’s not always easy to fit it in. On hectic days, there often isn’t time to add a complete workout that includes strength training and cardio.

The good news? There are plenty of ways to integrate activity naturally into your day—without changing into workout gear and heading to the gym. By making some of these small changes in your routine, you could make a significant difference to your overall health.

Take the stairs

This is a tip as old as time, but it really does work. Instead of choosing elevators or escalators throughout your day, take the stairs instead. Not only do stairs burns calories, but they tone your legs, too. 

Get cycling

Cycling is a tremendously efficient way to travel and the benefits are endless. It’s a low impact workout that also strengthens muscles and improves your heart health. What’s not to love? If you have a bike at home, consider using it to run errands or commute to work instead of hopping in the car.

Park a little further

If you do need to drive somewhere, try parking a little farther from your destination than necessary. This choice will allow you to enjoy a little fresh air and a brief walk before you head back indoors.

Stay active on the phone

Thanks to the pandemic, most of us are spending more time on the phone than ever before. Why not use that time for activity? Phone calls are a great time to fit in a walk, whether you choose to pace across your living room or take a stroll down the street. 

Replace your commute

If you are currently working from home due to the pandemic, giving up your commute has probably given you some time back in your day. Try this: calculate the length of your former commute, then commit to spending that same amount of time in the morning or evening (or both) getting active.

Have a dance party

Who says activity must be hard work? Turn on some tunes and invite your family to join you for a living room dance party. Not only will your dance break help you get some cardio in, but you’ll probably have a great time doing it.


If you don’t have time to fit in a full workout, there are plenty of ways to add in a few reps throughout your day. Waiting for the microwave? Do ten calf raises while the timer counts down. Brushing your teeth? Multi-task by completing a set of squats at the same time. Stuck on hold? Do sit-ups while you wait. You might be surprised by how your micro workouts add up!

Take stretch breaks

If you work at a desk, there are tremendous benefits to taking regular stretch breaks. Be sure to get up for a two-minute stretch break at least once an hour. Not only will the breaks add activity to your day, but they may help improve your focus on your work as well.

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Wellness Blog

15 Unique Wellness Stocking Stuffer Ideas

For all the loved ones in your life who strive to stay well


Everyone has one in their lives--that person who is trying their best to eat well, exercise, and live better. You might have a lot of them in your life! That person who might look for the Fair Trade or the Organic symbol. They might be vegan...they might be on the keto diet..and they might just care about shopping local to support locally-made wares and reduce the cost that transportation has on the environment. 

We've curated a list of great stocking stuffers for anyone on the road to well-being, from wellness warriors to those who are just taking the first steps of their journey. From better-for-you sweets packing great nutritional value and less sugar than traditional chocolates, gummies and beyond, to self-care products without harmful chemicals, there's something for everyone on the wellness journey on our list of 15 Amazing Wellness Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

15 Unique Wellness Stocking Stuffer Ideas 


1) Sampson Bath Creamers

The holidays can be stressful for anyone...buying gifts, family coming to town, company crowding our personal space for days at a’s so important to take some time for personal care. This year, try relaxing with the new Sampson Bath Creamers. But what is bath creamer, and how does it differ from the oh-so-popular bath bomb? Bath bombs use citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to create fizz and spread dyes/oils/scents throughout your bath water. Bath creamers infuse your water with essential oils and skin-softening butters. Especially in Ottawa, this time of year can lead to our skin cracking and itching, so try a bath creamer this winter and give your skin the care it deserves!

Sampson Bath Creamers

2) Natural Hand-Crafted Soaps by Kardish

A beautiful bar of soap is the perfect gift—and the ideal size for a luxurious stocking stuffer. Our new natural, hand-crafted soaps are suitable for all skin types and are 100% naturally fragranced with essential oils and plant extracts. They are made with no artificial colours or scents, sulfates, triclosan, toxic chemicals, or animal byproducts. Leaving the skin soft and moisturized, they make a great present or stocking stuffer for anyone on your “nice” list, and are 3 for $10 throughout the Holiday season.

Kardish Handmade Natural Soaps

3) Moo-free Dairy-Free Organic Santa Bar

Have someone in your life with allergies who has been missing out on the fun of santa-shaped chocolate? Moo-Free Dairy-Free Organic Santa Bar’s are a delicious, allergy-friendly option for those with gluten, dairy, or soy sensitivities or allergies, as each bar is made using their award-winning, organic rice milk chocolate.

Moo Free Dairy-Free Chocolate Santa Bar

4) Stash Holiday Teas

The perfect stocking stuffer for the tea-fanatic in your life, give the gift of a warm cup of Christmas Morning and enjoy a lovely holiday wake-up tea, or a cup of Christmas Eve to wind down after a long day of festivities.

Stash Christmas Teas

5) Galerie au Chocolat Holiday Bars

Get into the giving spirit this year by popping a few of these delicious chocolate bars into your loved ones’ stockings. We carry a number of flavours from their fair trade line, including Crisped Rice Milk Chocolate and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate, and we have 2 special flavours for the Holiday Season: White & Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark and No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Bark with Roasted Almonds! There’s a flavour for all of the different chocolate lovers in your life, so grab a few today to add to everyone’s stocking! 

 Galerie au Chocolat Holiday Bark

6) SmartSweets

Who doesn’t love sweets during the holidays? But no one loves the feeling that can come from eating ten-too-many chocolates, cookies, or squares. This year, stuff your stockings with the colourful, better-for-you gummies from SmartSweets, packed with natural and GMO-free fibre from plant-based chicory root and tapioca. Both of these are soluble fibre sources that keep your insides healthy, while slowing the digestion process, allowing you to feel fuller, longer. We carry all five flavours, three of which are plant-based, and all of which are low sugar, GMO-free, and a yummy and healthy holiday candy choice this Holiday Season.

Smart Sweets Stocking Stuffer

7) Lily’s Sweets Chocolates

Have a loved one who is vegan, keto, or gluten-intolerant but still loves sweets? There is a Lily’s Chocolate bar for every type of chocolate-lover. We carry a wide variety of flavours, from the darkest of dark chocolate to the creamiest milk, coconut to salted almond. Try a better-for-you chocolate this year with Lily’s Sweets as your stocking stuffer of choice. 

Lily's Organic No Sugar Added Chocolates

8) Organic Traditions Holiday Lattes

Sip your way to and through the holidays with Organic Traditions limited edition Holiday Spice Latte and Mint Chocolate Latte! These brand new instant lattes are the perfect way to enjoy comforting holiday flavours conveniently, free of dairy (the lattes are made with coconut milk). These are great stocking stuffers to share with your friends or loved ones...or to keep for yourself!

9) REAL TREAT Spiced Pecan Shortbread Gluten-Free Cookies

Who doesn’t love a tasty shortbread cookie during the holiday season...especially when you can stuff a stocking with a decadent, gluten-free option! Buttery, sweet and aromatic, try REAL TREAT Spiced Pecan Shortbread Gluten-Free Cookies crumbled on ice cream for a holiday dessert your whole family will rave about!

Real Treat Gourmet Gluten-Free Spiced Pecan Cookies

10) DESERT ESSENCE Nourishing Pink Himalayan Salt & Sugar Body

ScrubSelf care can be necessary during the holiday season. Smooth and cleanse your dry, winter-kissed skin with this Salt & Sugar Body Scrub from Desert Essence. This vitamin-rich blend of salt and sugar provides the best in a luxurious, low foaming exfoliant. Treat everyone to radiance with this perfect stocking stuffer. 

Desert Essence Sugar and Salt Scrub

11) SARABECCA Vanilla Spice Hand Cream

Give the gift of smooth skin during these cold winter months with SARABECCA Vanilla Spice Hand Cream. Pamper your loved ones with this restorative, lightweight hand cream, which combines the comforting scent of vanilla with the soothing properties of all natural ingredients.

 Sarabecca Vanilla Spice Hand Cream

12) PUR mints

Keep everyone’s breath smelling great after a big turkey dinner with PUR mints. PUR mints are perfect for kicking sugar and aspartame, as they are naturally sweetened with 100% xylitol, which promotes oral health, preventing tooth decay and cavities. It’s also just as sweet as sugar, so you won’t even notice the difference! PUR mints are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free, making them a great gift for anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions. Plus, everybody loves finding a portable treat in their stockings!

PUR Mints Sugar-free

13) Zazubean Holiday Chocolates

Zazubean is well-known for its sassy line of playfully premium chocolates. We are very excited to be offering their Christmas lineup this holiday season, as they are the perfect stocking stuffers. Try Dasher (White Chocolate, Cranberries & Cocoa Nibs), Blitzen (Dark Chocolate, Mint Cocoa Nib & Coconut, vegan) or Vixen (Dark chocolate, Cherry Hazelnut Crunch, vegan).

Zazubean Holiday Chocolate

14) b?sd Invigorating Mint Stocking Stuffer

A travel-sized body wash & body lotion duo that everyone can enjoy. This holiday season, stuff the stockings with this gift set from b?sd, which is plant-based, Vegan, Paraben-free, non-GMO, and Cruelty-free this year.

b?sd Invigorating Mint Stocking Stuffer

15) ORIWEST Organic Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

Give the gift of a smaller long-term carbon footprint this holiday season! With this 100% Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set, you can say goodbye to plastic utensils and start using a more sustainably-source material for all of your picnic needs. This cutlery set is perfect for traveling, and even comes with a little bag that fits in your purse, backpack, or lunch box.ORIWEST Organic Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set