The 2022 Kardish Ultimate Natural Health Gift Guide is here!

The 2022 Kardish Ultimate Natural Health Gift Guide is here!

Do you have a natural health lover in your life? Are you looking to buy more sustainable, natural, non-toxic, plant-based, ethical, local, or organic gifts this year? Kardish has got you covered. Check out our 2022 Gift Guide and grab some natural health gifts for your loved ones. 



Sampson Bath Creamers

$5.99 ea.

Hand-made bath creamers enriched with high-quality cocoa, shea butter and almond oil deeply moisturises and nurtures the skin.


Kardish Essential Oils


Enhance your aromatherap and healing practices with one (or a few) of Kardish Essential Oils.


NOW Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser


Gift the Kardish essential oils with a NOW diffuser for the ultimate wow factor! This diffuser is user-friendly and a lovely way to use essential oils.


Nia Pure Facial Care 

$24.99 - $40.99

Give the gift of healthy, glowing skin with Nia Pure’s facial care products. Whether you want to give a moisturizer, cleanser, or a whole skincare routine, Nia Pure is an amazing choice!


Herbatint Temporary Hair Touch-Up

$17.99 - Save 20% all December!

Temporary hair touch up.  Easy to hide greys and fill in roots, even on the go!


Green Beaver Lip Balms


A gift useful for anyone and everyone! Lip balm, a must-have throughout the colder months!


Plummp Irish Sea Moss


Nutrient-rich superfood, high in iodine. A great smoothie booster for healthy skin and hair.





Kardish Shaker Cup


Add the protein to a Kardish shaker cup and you have the perfect Health & Wellness solution for a man on the go.


Kardish Better Vegan Protein


A delicious and easy on-the-go breakfast or lunch option!


Every Man Jack Shower Gel


All-natural shower gel. Deeply cleanses while nourishing and protecting the skin. Multiple incredible-smelling scents available!


Natural Soap Bars

3 for $12 or $4.99 ea.

Men secretly love a nice, natural homemade soap bar.The tea tree, poppyseed bar is a crowd favourite! Freshen up and exfoliate at the same time. Mix and match soap bars with other fresh scents.


PiperWai Natural Deodorant


A natural deodorant that really works! Easy to apply, and long-lasting odour protection. Neutral scent, and natural ingredients.



U-Cubes Kids Multivitamin

Protect your child's immune system with a daily chewable multivitamin. A delicious tasting gummy, full of crucial vitamins and minerals.


Smart Sweets Low-Sugar Gummies


Delicious candy with no sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners or added sugar.


Jason Kids Strawberry Toothpaste 


Make brush-time fun again! The delicious Strawberry flavour keeps the kids coming back for more. A great stocking stuffer idea for your little ones!


Eat Love Peanut Butter Cups


Peanut butter and milk chocolate, a Kardish kid’s treat of choice! Made with all organic ingredients.





Kardish Elderberry Gummies


A winter essential for office workers. Convenient and delicious elderberry gummies to boost immunity and support your health.


Unheated Honey

$14.99 - $34.99

A delicious local honey made through a heatless process to ensure it’s full of active immune-boosting enzymes!


Stash Tea - Holiday Flavours Available! 


Give the gift of comfort and find a flavour for everyone!


Honey Candles Christmas Tree Candles

Save 10% on holiday candles!

A warm Christmas-themed natural glow, and a pleasant honey aroma will delight your senses. Environmentally-friendly, handmade with all natural and toxin-free ingredients.



Personal Essential Oil Inhaler


Inhalers allow you to take the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy on the go!


Eat Love Peanut Butter Cups

2 for $8

A rich and creamy chocolate peanut butter cup that both the dark chocolate lover and light chocolate lover will adore!


Sweet Nutrition Keto Cookies

2 for $10

A delicious treat for those who are looking for a healthier choice!


Kardish Soap

3 for $12

Everyone loves an all natural and delicious smelling soap bar! Mix and match soap bars with other fresh scents.


Kardish Gift Card

For anyone on your Christmas list who wants to improve their Health & Wellness!