The Many Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Posted by Kardish Team on Mar 28, 2017 /  comments

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We are all familiar with using aloe vera gel to soothe sunburns, but did you know that typical drugstore options are far from pure and natural? Many contain added colours and fragrances. Did you know that aloe vera gel is not actually green?  

Did you also know aloe vera can be consumed for a variety of health benefits? Here are 3 reasons to incorporate aloe vera into your routine! At Kardish, we love Lily of the Desert aloe products because they’re certified organic, and clinically validated.

Aloe for healthy skin

Studies have shown that aloe vera can reduce the healing time of damaged skin by up to six days when compared to using vaseline gauze. Lily of the Desert First Aid Gelly is a great choice because it is made from certified organic aloe vera and contains no parabens.

Aloe for healthy digestion

Food grade aloe vera juice and gel have a variety of anti inflammatory properties. In the same way that aloe can sooth a sunburn, it can also be used sooth the symptoms of stomach ulcers, GERB and heartburn. Thanks to its antibacterial agents and natural healing properties aloe can help to restore a healthy stomach lining.

Aloe for immune health

A compound in aloe vera called bradykinase stimulates the immune system and helps to eliminate infections. Aloe vera is also a good source of zinc, a mineral known for its immune modulating effects.

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