Three Health Benefits of Chocolate

Posted by Kardish Team on Mar 28, 2017 /  comments

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Aren’t we all looking for additional reasons to increase our chocolate intake? Fortunately those reasons are easier to come by when talking about healthier dark chocolate varieties. Keep reading to learn more about the ways your favourite treat can do double duty as a superfood.

1. Chocolate is a product of fermentation

When cocoa beans are removed from their pods they are coated in a white slimy pulp. These white coated beans are stored in large wooden boxes where they ferment for 3 to 7 days. The beans rise in temperature and excess liquid begins to drain. Beans eventually turn their signature brown tone and take on a true chocolate flavour. It looks like chocolate and wine have more in common than we thought!

2. Chocolate may protect your skin from the sun

The flavanols found in chocolate are plant-based nutrients that provide a number of health benefits. Among these benefits is its ability to improve the health of our skin. A study showed that a group of women fed a high-flavanol chocolate had a 25% reduction in sunburns after exposure to a solar simulator.

3. Chocolate can improve the efficacy of your probiotic supplement

Our intestinal tracts are filled with trillions of healthy bacteria that work hard to support digestion, and they get really hungry. Prebiotics are food for these bacteria, allowing them to thrive in the environment of our colon. The flavanols in chocolate (mentioned above) can be utilized as a source of prebiotics.

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