Kardish X Ottawa Cocktails: Wellness Drink Recipes

Posted by Kardish Team on Dec 14, 2018 /  comments


The Holidays are always a tricky time to be and stay well. This year, we decided to try and make it easier for our customers to stay well while enjoying the season. We partnered with a local organization who knows something about celebrating-Ottawa Cocktails. We challenged them to come up with great-tasting drinks to solve 3 of the most common holiday related health challenges. These drinks are designed to: 

  • Aid in Digestion
  • Provide an energy boost with cold prevention
  • Serve as a low calorie and dietary restriction alternative (vegan/ gluten-free)

and of course, taste so good, you will want it even after the holidays!!

Cheers, From the Kardish Team (Us during one of our taste testings of drinks)


Get all of the ingredients in store today! 


Want to see how it is made? Watch the video below!

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