If you’re health-conscious and social media savvy, Kardish’s ambassador program is for you! We love working with local influencers to help others begin their journey to better health and spread our love of health and wellness far and wide. Our ambassadors are often among the first to try our new health products, and share Kardish content with their communities. 

At Kardish, our focus is to create natural health products with the goal of making a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone.

As a Kardish brand ambassador, you will have access to exclusive product kits throughout the year, filled with samples, product information, and special gifts. Love a product? Share it with your digital community! You’ll also have the opportunity to weigh in on new products and ideas to help make Kardish products that work best for our loyal community.

Apply to become a Kardish ambassador today!

Why apply

  • Get free Kardish products
  • Weigh in on new products and ideas
  • Get access to exclusive Kardish ambassador discounts
  • Join a community of natural health enthusiasts

What Ambassadors will do

  • Follow Kardish on Facebook and Instagram, and engage with our content
  • Create content to share with your digital community of followers each time you receive an ambassador kit
  • Share and promote Kardish-created content and announcements with your followers
  • Share your journey to better health with your followers, educating them on how Kardish has helped you get there

Who should apply

  • Kardish fans with public and active Instagram accounts
  • Natural health or wellness bloggers and influencers
  • Fitness gurus, including athletes, yogis, and personal trainers 

Questions about the application process? Please email marketing@kardishfoods.com.