Kardish Essential Oil of Peppermint
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Kardish Essential Oil of Peppermint


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Kardish Peppermint Oil is a 100% pure essential oil that can be used in a variety of ways. It is steam-distilled or cold-pressed from the peppermint plant, and it smells like fresh, sweet mint. It has a cooling effect, making it perfect for relaxing tense muscles and soothing headaches. Peppermint oil can also reduce inflammation and aid in digestion, so it's great for soothing an upset stomach.

 Kardish essential oils work great for adults going through stressful times or leading stressful lives. They are a gentle, yet powerful way to help you relax. Peppermint is known for filling the room with its cooling, invigorating, energizing aura. 

Kardish Essential oils are Non-GMO paraben-free, and use no synthetic fragrances. 

These essential oils can be used in diffusers, nebulizers, burners, carrier oils, lotions, or bath water!