Love Good Fats Snack Bar Cookies & Cream
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Love Good Fats Snack Bar Cookies & Cream


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Wow, it’s hard to say no to a flavor combination like cookies and cream! One of the NEWEST bar flavors combines the delicious taste of cookies and cream with 1g of sugar, good fats, few carbs, and clean, wholesome, and natural ingredients. This ridiculously delicious bar, that's low in sugar and loaded in good fats, gives you a soft melt-in-your-mouth texture while overwhelming your taste buds with decadent flavors. A great keto friendly snack choice for all you cookie lovers out there!

Also, only 1g of sugar, 9g of protein and 13g good good fats ... yumm.

product benefits : non gmo, gluten free, no sugar alcohols, no added soy, kosher, sustainably sourced palm oil, grass fed whey and keto friendly