10 Days of Deals!

10 Days of Deals!

What better way to start the holiday season than with ten days of Kardish deals? Starting December 1, 2022, we will be sharing 10 deals to help you save some money while buying more sustainable, natural, local gifts. Here are the items you can expect to save on throughout the 10 days. Get ready to stock up! 

Kardish Essential Oils Blends 25% off

Honeybars 4 for $4

Sampson Bath Creamers 2 for $8

Kardish Vitamin C: Save $6

Zazubean Chocolate Bars: 2 for $7

Kardish Vitamin D 500softgel: Save $4

Earth's Own Nog: 2 for $7

Kardish Coconut Oil: Save $1.50

Stash Tea: 2 for $8

Green Beaver Lip Balm: $4.99



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