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A Hormone Balancing Recipe by Nutritionist Stephanie Kay

Posted by Kardish Team on May 15, 2017

For this particular recipe, I have opted to roast the vegetables to add a depth of texture and flavour to this salad. In addition to the inclusion of many brassica vegetables, I’ve included a sesame based dressing and pumpkin seeds to ensure the inclusion of many healthy fats which are also known to support hormonal balance.


5 Foods that Balance Hormones Naturally

Posted by Kardish Team on Apr 24, 2017

A range of health concerns can be linked back to hormone imbalance -- acne, irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes, and more. There are lifestyle changes that can help, like reducing stress and eliminating harmful xenoestrogens like those found in plastics. There are also supplements that provide therapeutic dosages of specific nutrients that have been shown to support female reproductive and hormonal health.


4 Supplements Formulated Specifically for Women

Posted by Courtney Robertson on Apr 24, 2017

Supplements are designed to support different parts of the body, reduce symptoms associated with various health concerns and to promote overall well-being. There are also supplements designed for specific age groups and gender. You can purchase a multivitamin for kids, saw palmetto for prostate health, vitamin D for vegans, and the list goes on!  Sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out what is the right product for you.