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5 Ways to Use Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are little nutritional power houses. A 30 gram serving of hemp hearts contains 10 grams of great tasting, plant-based protein, along with essential fatty acids, fibre and minerals. Hemp hearts are a complete vegetarian protein, meaning they contain all essential amino acids.

Say hello to hemp hearts and start adding them to your favourite dishes today! Another great benefit? Hemp hearts are produced right here in Canada’s prairie provinces, and Manitoba Harvest, is the world’s largest supplier of hemp products!

Replace oats in your favourite recipe

Hemp seeds can be a great alternative to oats for individuals who are sensitive to grains. Hemp seeds have a similar texture to oats, but with an extra punch of nutrition. Try these No Bake N’oatmeal Fudge Bars by Healthful Pursuit made with coconut oil, dark chocolate and hemp hearts.

Add a protein boost to smoothies

If you’re not a fan of protein powder or just want to amplify the nutritional benefits of your smoothie, add some hemp hearts! They are easily blended into your favourite recipe or sprinkled on top of a thick smoothie bowl.

Sprinkle on salads

A spoonful of hemp hearts can be the perfect addition to a gorgeous green salad. Keep hemp hearts stored in the fridge or freezer for optimal freshness and you’ll always have a quick protein source on hand. Hemp hearts can also be added to homemade salad dressings for extra creaminess and nutritive benefits.

Make nut-free butter

Nut butters like almond and cashew might be nutritious, but for individuals with nut allergies it simply doesn’t matter. If you or a family member are allergic to nuts try making your own nut-free hemp seed butter. Spread this hypoallergenic butter on whole-grain toast or crackers and reap the many benefits.

Mix into cereals and oatmeal

Thanks to the small size and smooth texture of hemp hearts they can easily be mixed into cereals and oatmeal. Add a scoop to a mason jar of instant oats for a quick, portable breakfast option. You could even make grain-free porridge using hemp hearts and almonds!  

What’s your favourite way to eat hemp hearts?

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