3 Ways to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Posted by Kardish Team on Nov 15, 2017 /  comments

The holiday season is a busy time of year and with everything going on it’s easy to get
overwhelmed and stressed. It’s also a time filled with late nights, tons of snacking and
lots of people (plus their germs!) which makes it easy to catch a bug and feel under
the weather. Here are three ways to make sure you stay healthy this holiday season.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and can make or break how you feel overall.
To make sure you have enough energy to keep up with all of your holiday festivities, be sure to get around 6-8 hours of sleep a night. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night try lavender essential oil to help you relax and lull you off to sleep. A great way to use the oil is by diffusing it into your bedroom 30 minutes to an hour prior to going to bed and you’ll be sure to sleep like a baby. A perfect partner to the lavender essential oil to make sure you’re not staying up at night is Pure Lab Vitamins’ L-Theanine which helps relax your nervous system relieving symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

Manage Stress

The holiday season is jam packed with activities out of your regular routine which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts. By implementing stress-managing practices this holiday season you can be sure to keep your stress levels at bay, allowing you to fully enjoy all of the holiday festivities. A great supplement to help you de-stress and is designed to help the body deal with stress effectively is AOR’s Ortho-Adapt. A great practice to accompany this supplement is meditation which will help calm you down and relieve stress. Even sitting in silence for just a couple minutes can drastically
reduce stress levels and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Make Healthy Food Choices

It can sometimes be hard to make healthy food choices during the holidays because there’s always a ton of tasty treats around. Instead of turning down the dessert tray, balance out these times of indulgence by making healthy food choices on your own time. Not only will this allow you to indulge without feeling guilty but it will make you feel better overall. Another great way to make healthier food choices is to bring your own healthy snacks and desserts to the gatherings you attend to allow for some feel-good snacking.

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