5 Fun and Easy Workouts To Do With Your Kids

Posted by Kardish Team on Aug 16, 2018 /  comments

Finding time to fit your workouts in can be difficult and when the kids are home from school, it can be extra challenging to make time for your workouts.  Instead of finding a sitter, waking up extra early or waiting until your partner comes home, try exercising with your kids!  Here are some fun ideas to try:

  1. Dance party: Put on some tunes and spend 10-15 minutes dancing and moving to your favourite songs. Have the kids pick the playlist and dance, jump and sing!  You can pause the music at various intervals to make it a freeze dance game.  You can put on some dance videos and follow along for inspiration.

  1. Bike/run: We often have the kids ride their bikes while we run. They can choose the route or bike to a destination like a park. You can get a run/jog/power walk in while they bike and stretch when they are playing at the park. 
  1. Water games: Water balloon fights, running through sprinklers and swimming at the local pool/beach are all ways to get a bit of activity in. Try treading water at the pool/beach or swimming a few laps – a little goes a long way! Run around, jump over objects, slide and crawl on the ground with the kids for a full body workout.

  1. Outdoor strength: I’ll often get the kids going with a craft while I sneak in a short strength workout. Try push ups, squats, lunges and planks.  These can be done when the kids are playing at the park as well.  Use the benches and equipment for hanging, pulling and pushing.
  1. Outdoor games: Hide and seek, basketball, four square or your favourite made up game. There are endless ways to get moving here.  Get the kids involved and aim for 30 minutes of activity daily.
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