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Top Sport Supplement Recommendations from Kardish’s Own Mike O

Kardish Manager Mike Osbourne recently participated in Ottawa’s Race Weekend, a 42km route throughout the city. It was a beautiful day for Mike’s first marathon, where he had lots of fun achieving his fitness goals and meeting other athletes. We were happy to hear about his success in the marathon and how impressed he was with the results of his supplement regimen. Mike says that the supplements he takes were a big support during training for the marathon, as well as assisting in his day-of marathon performance.

Keep reading to find out what’s in Mike’s supplement routine and what supplements are a must have for any athlete!

Vitamin D3 & K2

It’s extremely important to keep your bones strong when marathon training, and with any sports training in general. The weaker your bones are, the easier it is for injury to occur. Vitamin D3 is imperative for athletes to include in their supplement regimen. Vitamin D3 is a powerhouse for healthy bone maintenance. It can prevent loss of muscle mass, help maintain calcium stores, and can assist in increasing muscle mass. Vitamin K2 helps keep optimal bone mineral density and helps transport calcium from blood to bone. Since D3 and K2 support the absorption of each other it is recommended to take them together.


A part of sports training that is not talked about enough is muscle recovery. Recovery is important for both long term and short-term results. Collagen is a protein that plays a key role in making up our bones, cartilage, joints, and tendons, which makes it an excellent supplement option for supporting muscle recovery and injury prevention.


Marathon running and sports training can be hard on the muscles. That’s why it’s crucial to consider muscle recovery. Protein is one of the most popular sports supplements out there and is an easy way to replenish the muscles after a workout. Simply add one scoop of protein powder to your shaker cup and you're ready to go. It also tastes great, and is a nice treat after a tough workout! Your muscles will thank you. 

MCT oil

Yes, MCT oil is a great sports supplement! Here’s why: MCT’s are an easy fat for the body to break down. The quicker the body can break down, the quicker it can be converted to an energy source and fuel your workouts! MCT oil is also another great supplement for recovery as it helps decrease lactate levels in the body, speeding up recovery time.


If you’re looking to increase your endurance, we highly recommend ashwagandha. It has many benefits, not only for sports performance, but also as an amazing apoptogenic herb for stress management and overall wellbeing. As a sports supplement, ashwagandha can increase energy output, improve aerobic and anaerobic running ability, and decrease fatigue.

Visit a Kardish near you today to find out more about our supplements! Our team is very knowledgeable and always happy to help!

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