5 Ways to Uncover your Personal Values

5 Ways to Uncover your Personal Values

With Dr. Kristy Lewis

Do you find yourself doing, saying, or acting in a way that is not authentic to you? This is a very common experience for many of us and often results in imbalances in your body and mind. Here are 5 tips to help you to stay convicted to your inner values:


Writing your feelings down daily will help you to stay connected to your values. You will be able to identify a pattern of emotions and respond to negative associations quicker. Taking 5 minutes each day will help you stay true to your authentic self and live from a place of your own personal values.

Stay Curious:

Being open with yourself and others is key to staying true to your values. These days we are being pushed for constant growth and evolution as we move through different phases. Try to stay curious about how this impacts our choices and stay true to our own values. What we value for ourselves and our family will change at different points in our lives. Try not to get stuck in one phase and allow yourself to grow as they do. Check in to find out if a value no longer fits and adapt to this new phase of your life.

Create time for yourself - slow down: 

Many of us are on autopilot, racing from one task to the next without taking any time to understand if we are living from a place of truth. Having the luxury of slowing down and reflecting on what is important to us seems like an impossibility, but by creating even a few moments each day we can center and make choices from a place within that is clear and authentic. Take 2 or 3 big belly breaths when moving from one activity to the next and this will create space to connect and be present with yourself.

Understand what makes you happy and sad: 

Being aware of what activities bring you joy and what ones bring you down is a simple yet extremely effective way to uncover your values. Take a few minutes to write down all the things you do in a day and put a happy or sad face beside each activity. It will become very obvious how much of your day is connecting with your inner core values.

Share your values:

As you are in your daily life connecting with family and friends, talk about what is important to you and what choices you are making in your life to reflect those values. Saying your values out loud will deepen your commitment to them. Own your values and share them with the people in life.

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