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7 Household Products You Can Easily Replace With Reusable Items

Are you trying to buy less and use less at home? It might be easier than you think. 

To cut down on your household waste—and save money on everyday home purchases—consider making simple swaps to sustainable, long-lasting alternatives. Although these products may cost a little more upfront, your investment will pay off in the long-term, when you find yourself spending noticeably less on household items each month.

Dryer sheets

If single-use dryer sheets are a regular part of your laundry routine, it might be time to give them up for a more sustainable alternative. 

Save money (and help the planet) by switching to reusable dryer balls. Your laundry will stay free of static, and your clothes won’t know the difference.

Coffee pods

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Coffee pods are convenient, but they create a significant amount of waste that you can avoid simply by switching to a standard coffee maker. Plus, with the money you save from the swap, you can afford to buy the high-end coffee you’ve always craved.

Aluminum foil

If you’re tired of endlessly replacing your roll of foil, consider substituting it for silicone baking mats. You likely won’t miss fussing with aluminum foil and its sharp edges!

Just like aluminum, baking mats keep your pans clean and help prevent food from sticking and falling apart. The difference is that they are endlessly reusable—and easy to clean, too.

Disposable sponges

Who needs a smelly sponge when you have a dish brush? If you’ve never used a dish brush before, you might be amazed by what they can do for your dishwashing routine. Not only do dish brushes last for years, but they scrub better than a sponge. You can even buy varieties with built-in soap dispensers in the handle for a pleasantly convenient cleaning experience.

Paper towel

It may be handy, but a paper towel is not the most effective method for cleaning up messes. It creates tons of waste and often doesn’t get the job done when confronted with big spills. 

Instead of using paper towels, try investing in thick, robust dish towels, which are better equipped to take on large messes. White cloths tend to be the best choice because you can bleach them to remove stains.

Makeup remover pads

While disposable makeup remover pads are convenient, a good washcloth can be just as effective with much less waste in the long term. Invest in black washcloths that hide makeup marks, or white cloths that you can easily bleach—just like your kitchen cloths. And if you prefer smaller, round makeup wipes, you can buy reusable cloth circle wipes online or at most drug stores.

Plastic wrap

There are now a few great sustainable products on the market to replace single-use plastic wrap. To cover food remnants in the fridge, try beeswax wraps or reusable silicon covers. Before long, you’ll forget that you ever used rolls of plastic wrap at all!

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