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Carb Smart Express: The nutritious Keto products you've been waiting for

Since day one, we have been committed to healthy, sustainable, and affordable lifestyle for you and your family without sacrificing the flavour.  

We are passionate about providing you with wholesome nutritious KETO baked goods. We take pride in food we prepare for you.  We use high quality ingredients (local and organic as much as possible), because it matters to us where your food comes from.  

We support local farms, because we care about our local economy and the quality of food we feed you and your family with.  

We offer a variety of foods for you to enjoy from sweet (such as Chocolate Chip Pecan Muffins, Lemon Poppyseed Loaf and Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat bombs) to savory meals your whole family can enjoy (such as 4 flavors of pizzas, zucchini cheddar scones and Keto Wraps).

All of our products are made with gluten, grain and sugar free ingredients. We only use erythritol and/or monk fruit to sweeten our products, no sugar alcohols that irritate your stomach. We use high quality ingredients such as aluminum free baking powder, pure vanilla and chocolate extracts, pure olive oil and cheeses that we shred by hand to avoid anti-caking agents being added to it.  

At Carb Smart Express we make all our food from scratch, with love and care. No cutting corners in our kitchen. We feed you the food we feed out friends and families. 

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