Celebrity post-holiday detox

After indulging in a delicious meal and many treats around a special occasion or holiday, we sometimes feel like our body needs a healthy reset. There are many easy and effective ways to do a healthy detox after all of the holiday meals. Some of the best detox advice can be found from those who do them most often: Celebrities. 

Stephen Pasterino, Victoria’s Secret Model trainer

Stephen likes to mix a special tonic to help his body cleanse and detox post-holiday dinner. His tonic is made up of fresh ginger, a tablespoon of turmeric, and ice. Turmeric is excellent for inflammation, and ginger is known for aiding digestion. This is great to have before a meal because it helps boost nutrient absorption and helps with good bacteria in the digestive tract. Ginger is also an effective immune booster and aids with muscle recovery and glowing skin. Stephen says it is best to take the tonic like a shot and make it spicy with lots of ginger, as it helps the most with digestion.

Jennifer Bandier, Found of BANDIER athletic wear

One of Jennifer’s biggest detox secrets is making sure that she leaves ample time between meals. She allows for a total of 12 hours between breakfast and dinner for optimal digestion. She likes to make a superfood tea for breakfast, consisting of matcha, coconut butter, reishi, powdered probiotic, hot water, and coconut milk. She gets a boost of energy and caffeine from the matcha, the probiotic and gut health benefits of the reishi, and large amounts of Vitamin D and Vitamin E. She notes that this special superfood tonic aids with the digestive process and helps to de-bloat in preparation for a large meal.

Tarayn Toomey, Celebrity Trainer

Tarayn Toomey is all about simplicity in her detox regime. She enjoys a comforting glass of hot water with lemon to help detoxify the body after a large meal. In addition, she always enjoys using meditation as a form of mental detox and full-body relaxation to help cleanse the body after indulging. She also says that going back to the basics is an effective way to detox by having lots of water, cucumber juice, and a larger amount of veggies. 

Whether you want to make a big or small change to your routine, there are so many great ways to cleanse and detox your body to get back to feeling like your best self. Help to avoid the post-indulgence slump by making simple choices and changes to better your wellness routine overall. 


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