Earth Day's 50th Anniversary

In celebration of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary, Women’s Voice magazine, and the Non-GMO Project will stream the James Beard Award-winning documentary film Modified from April 15th to April 22nd for FREE as part of their ongoing commitment to education. As a trusted retail brand partner with Women’s Voice magazine and the Non-GMO Project, we are offering this gift to our loyal customers for Earth Day. Modified the movie, is a gift to humanity, as it gently, helps us understand the value of foods that are whole, pure, and non-GMO. 


We believe Earth Day 2020 will be remembered as a defining moment in history, as no one on earth will gather. Please share WIDELY with your friends and family during this challenging time. Modified is a movie the entire family can watch.  

To watch the trailer click here

Hurry! The film stream runs from April 15th up until Earth Day, on the 22nd.  Click here to watch.