Getting Back On Track With Your Health

Summer holidays have ended and you may find yourself struggling to get back into a routine. At Kardish, we understand that transitions can be difficult, especially when we have grown accustomed to sipping cocktails at the cottage under the warm glow of the summer sun (ah, we miss it too). We want help make this a happy, healthy transition so that you can thrive all year long!


Sleep Better

The foundation of a good routine is proper sleep. As the days begin to shorten the body naturally tires earlier. For some people however, sleep does not come that easily, causing many to head to the drug store. Why not try something  your body is already creating naturally? Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the pineal gland in the brain that causes us to feel sleepy. The release of melatonin is triggered by darkness; this reinforces why televisions and smartphones should stay out of the bedroom. Many people, particularly women, struggle with sleep issues. Melatonin can help to support healthy sleep patterns and is often used when experiencing the effects of jet-lag or shift work.



The dog days of summer seem far away when you’re back to packing lunch bags and sitting in traffic. Coffee can only do so much as the demands of family and work begin again. It’s easy to understand why we feel stressed and anxious, but overtime it can begin to take its toll emotionally and physically. Incorporating a fish oil supplement or plant-based essential fatty acid can help to nourish the brain, support mood and reduce anxiety. A natural supplement like Veeva takes a holistic approach to treating stress and mood with adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola and lemon balm.


Feel B-eautiful

With a shift in weather comes a change in the health of our hair and skin. The colder seasons like fall and winter can cause skin to become dry and dull. Vitamin B-7, also referred to as biotin is known for it’s ability to strengthen hair, nails, and brighten the complexion. Some studies even suggest that a deficiency in biotin may cause hair loss. There are a variety of B vitamins (eight to be exact) that are commonly taken together in a supplement called a B-complex. Because B-vitamins play a crucial role in supporting the nervous system, they can help us to feel beautiful both inside and out by improving mood and reducing stress.  


Keep Moving

Don’t let a busy schedule and changing weather stop you from exercising regularly, one of the most important aspects of maintaining our physical and emotional health. The cool temperatures of September and October can be ideal for outdoor workouts and evening walks. Try parking a little further away when picking the kids up from school or daycare, rake the back yard, or join a community fitness group. It’s important that we make exercise a priority now, so that it becomes a habit throughout the winter months, a time when people often forgo it.


How are you planning to get back on track? Be sure to let us know on Facebook,Twitter, or in the comments below.