Keeping Up With Kardish: Get To Know Nora!

Keeping Up With Kardish: Get To Know Nora!

 Nora Munro

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Meet Nora, our Westgate manager! She was born and raised in Ottawa and has always been much of a natural! “I grew up eating healthy. I always ate seasonal foods, fresh foods and I love gardening!” Built on an internal interest, she took some courses on Alive academy which officially led her into the health food industry.

After working in several health food retail stores, she planted her feet in management. She definitely is a people person! She loves working with her colleagues! 

So being in a health food store and working with people is like icing on a cake! Kardish, being a local and family-run business, drew Nora into joining our family. 

Nora shared one of her life-changing moments with us. “I went on a hike with a friend and we ended up getting lost in the woods for about 12 hours! This was a big learning experience for me. I realized I could do anything!” Since then, Nora learnt to be brave, courageous and ambitious when taking upon new challenges. 

On her health journey Nora learnt some great tips and tricks for staying healthy. 

  1. Vitamin D is very important! “ I recommend the Liquid Vitamin D by Health First!”
  2. “Food and nutrition will come if you eat a balanced diet. “We all eat birthday cake and enjoy other foods, but it’s important that we stay hydrated and keep active. Take a garden walk! Walk around the gardens in your neighbourhood!”
  3. Collagen, Vitamin C and protein are a great combination for aging well. “If we can keep our muscle mass, we age well”
  4. Lorna Vanderhaege’s Super Rich Skin Therapy Celadrin Cream will help with inflammation and to keep your skin moisturized and looking healthy!


In her late 40’s, Nora was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, leading her to reading more about nutrition and supplements for diabetic people. After educating herself on the topic, it is now one of her favorite conversations with customers. Have any questions about blood sugar, bone health or diabetes? Nora would be delighted to share with you her personal favorite supplements! 


Nora also plays the role of an educator outside of work. She lives in a neighborhood with a lot of children and has taken an extra effort to be environmentally friendly. She frequently chats with the children about gardening, and the importance of eating healthy. Nora is passionate about teaching the younger generation and making them understand where food comes from. “Eat local and seasonal food! A healthy balance is very important!” She says. Speaking of healthy food, try Nora's favorite 2 recipes. Find her delicious Beet Salad recipe, along with her family favorite guacamole below!


Each recipe can be made vegetarian/vegan with substitutes for the dairy.

4-5 beets cooked and peeled any time red, golden etc I have used golden

Goat cheese about 1/2 of a small package or to your taste

Splash of balsamic vinegar

  • Chop up beets into cubes
  • Crumble goat cheese 
  • Splash balsamic vinegar to taste

Serves 2-4 



Nora’s Creamy Guacamole  

2-3 large ripe avocados 

1-2 tbsp sour cream 

1/2 large lemon squeezed or 1 small

1/4 tsp paprika 

Then paprika to sprinkle on top 

  • Mash avocados to your liking chunky or smooth 
  • Add 1 tbsp sour cream stir to make creamy. If not creamy enough add a bit more
  • Squeeze in lemon juice stir
  • Add paprika stir
  • Sprinkle paprika on top

Let sit 5 minutes

  • Add more lemon or paprika to taste
  • Chill for at least one hour

would serve approx 2-3 servings