Keeping Up With Kardish: Meet Alex

Keeping Up With Kardish: Meet Alex

Let us introduce you to Alex, another one of our amazing employees! 

Alex moved to the capital city about 10 years ago and has graduated from the fitness and health program at Algonquin college. He very much enjoyed his time in the program. Professionally, he has always been geared towards personal training. He had always been an active kid, who was very involved in team sports. As he got older, he switched to participating in one-man sports like track and field. The two year program at Algonquin was the perfect fit for him! 

“The amount of work you put in, is the amount of work you get out of it.” says Alex.

During his time at Algonquin, Alex was hunting for a part-time job. He soon learned about Kardish, and said he was very appreciative of an organization who was willing to accommodate his student schedule. This was the second time since moving to Ottawa that Alex had found his perfect fit! 

“Kardish has given me an opportunity to learn further in my field. There are knowledgeable employees, and a good training program. They’ve also taught me a lot about customer service,” says Alex, who enjoys coming to work and talking to customers one on one about their health. 

Alex became health conscious through many different mediums. Starting from his track experience, to his health education in high-school, it sparked a deep and lifelong interest in health for him. After joining the gym and his new program at Algonquin, he became very health conscious.

Alex loves chatting with customers about the importance of exercise and how it impacts your overall health. 

“A lot of people think exercising is meant for losing weight. There are other benefits such as improving your overall health. It’s especially important for those who experience chronic pain,” says Alex, who cares about helping customers understand how important exercising is, because it affects both your physical and mental health. 

Alex’s #1 tip to leading a healthier lifestyle is to “sit down, create small goals that you can work on, and group those goals to a larger goal. This method makes it easier to stay on track,” says Alex. “I suggest looking at your schedule and making a realistic goal that you can achieve and follow. It’s important for you to choose to make exercising a priority. Also, rather than sprinting out, and crashing early, start off slow, then work towards a larger and faster routine. This will help you be more consistent.”

As an athlete, Alex’s favourite supplement is the Progressive VegeGreen. “Take it with 250-500 ml of water right before breakfast,” he recommends. Alex also takes Health First’s Omega everyday. “It’s one of the biggest anti-inflammatory products on the market which helps with mood support, cholesterol, and eye health.”

Alex’s long term goals include opening up a successful personal training business in Ottawa. He plans on starting soon after completing his certified exam. “I’m passionate about health and fitness. I think every single person, no matter what can benefit from it. I want to pass on the health knowledge I have. It has benefited myself and those around me and I want to spread it further,” says Alex. 

Head on over to Kardish to talk to Alex, and hear more of his healthy recommendations!