Keeping Up With Kardish: Meet Athena

Keeping Up With Kardish: Meet Athena

Let’s introduce you to another one of our employees. Meet Athena, our talented team member at Barrhaven. She is Vietnamese and born and raised in Ottawa. She’s also one of our youngest team members! Athena is a senior in high school, who’s super excited to graduate this coming spring. Given how covid has changed our social gatherings, Athena hopes to have a normal graduation next year. Her plans after graduation include enrolling in the royal military college and studying psychology. 

Athena started working at Kardish as a co-op student in our accounting department and before completing her placement, she was offered a position at our Barrhaven store. By nature, Athena is driven and focused, so she wanted to work in an environment that encouraged her learning and expanded her knowledge in nutrition and wellbeing. 

“Kardish is a great fit for me,” says Athena. “I really enjoy coming to a workplace that has such a positive atmosphere.” 

Athena and her co-workers make a great team. They often set friendly competitions among themselves to enhance their learning.

Athena’s educational background consists of fitness related health and the health habits of youth. She speaks to many customers about the habits of their teenagers and relates and understands them quite well. From her personal experiences, she has also learnt how to recover from brain injuries and shares that knowledge and tips with customers who may be going through the same or similar injury. 

Athena is passionate about helping customers establish a health regimen that is a great fit for them. Many customers come to her to find a supplement that partners well with their daily activities. 

“I really enjoy when regular customers come back, and they tell me how I’ve improved their lifestyle or health habits,” says Athena.

Athena wanted to share some of her tips for staying healthy with you:

  1. Try to get 30-minutes of physical exercise everyday, preferably in the morning.
  2. Drink 1 Litre of water every morning. Athena, herself works out and meditates everyday. 
  3. If you are trying to develop healthy habits - stay consistent with them. The results will show! keep a routine and work out in consistent increments!


Athena also recommends a supplement for managing stress and anxiety: Health First’s Ashwagandha, a preferable dose of 3-4 capsules or 500-1000 mg a day. 


Pop by our Barrhaven location for more health tips from Athena!