Keeping Up With Kardish: Meet Kristy

Keeping Up With Kardish: Meet Kristy

Health has always been a passion of Kristy’s. Before starting at Kardish, Kristy had 15 years of experience working in retirement homes and with adults experiencing dementia-related disorders. As much as she loved this job, she has always had a particular interest and fascination with food and nutrition.

She applied for the Holistic Nutrition program with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, fell in love with the material and chose to fully immerse herself into the world of natural health. She is now a registered holistic nutritionist. This has come in very handy while working as assistant manager of the Merivale store. Her dream is to combine her previous experience with holistic nutrition. 

Although she was taught about the science behind food, working at Kardish has opened her eyes to the world of natural supplements, and how beneficial they can be while used in combination with a healthy lifestyle. 

Her top health tip is about balancing life. “Life is about balance…don’t be so hard on yourself! Have fun, eat that extra slice of pizza, watch one more episode of that show you can’t turn off…but also, attempt getting maybe get one more hour of sleep, meditate a little, try turning off your electronics an hour or so before bed, incorporate seasonal whole foods into your diet as much as possible, go outside and soak up the sun - move your body, play! And most importantly keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of WATER!!!”

Keeping in with the theme of balance, Kristy’s favourite recent recipe is a sweet vegan treat, easily made with products from Kardish!

Rice Kristy Treats

2 bags - Dandies Marshmallows 

7-8 cups - Nature’s Path Organic Crispy Rice 

3/4 cup - Earth Balance vegan butter 

1/2 tsp - Simply Organic Pure Vanilla Extract 

In a large pot on low heat- Melt the butter, and add the marshmallows stirring often and slow. Add vanilla. Remove from heat add the crispy rice and fold in until fully combined. Transfer to a glass dish and press down with hands or a spatula. Let cool and enjoy! 

Her favourite natural supplement is Health First Ashwagandha, a cortisol regulating adaptogenic herb that is great for reducing stress and anxiety, while also regulating hormones and boosting brain function. A close second place was probiotics!

As for health and beauty products, Kristy enjoys using Kardish bar soaps because of their great ingredients and scents; Carina Organics line for their super clean ingredients, how gentle they are on the skin, and the amazing smells; and finally, the Green Beaver SPF 25 Face Cream, great for year round sun protection!

Her everyday pantry staples include Bekings eggs, sauerkraut, Earth's Own unsweetened oat milk and sprouted Ezekiel bread.

Her new favourite summer treat is the GTS Watermelon Kombucha and Wholly Veggie! Buffalo Cauliflower bites - great for entertaining and pack a spicy punch! 

She loves working at Kardish for all the opportunities of growth and development within the company, from training programs to highly approachable owners, she loves the family-like dynamic of the business. Her favourite moments happen while interacting with customers, though: “when a customer comes back in suffering from something that’s causing a lot of distress they tell me that the product I recommended or suggestions I gave, made a huge difference, what an amazing feeling!”