Keto-Friendly Meals For The Whole Family

Keto-Friendly Meals For The Whole Family

If you’ve committed to going keto this year, you are likely more than prepared to drastically change your way of eating.

But an unexpected challenge for many keto eaters is finding recipes that others in your household will enjoy. Luckily, it’s not as tough as you might expect. From breakfast to appetizers, here are some of our best meal ideas that are guaranteed to please everyone in your family.



Eggs are a ketogenic diet’s best friend, and you can’t go wrong with a tasty frittata. They’re so simple to make, and the variations are endless. Try different combinations of your favourite keto veggies—mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, and bell pepper are all great options. Before you bake it, don’t forget to top your masterpiece with a generous handful of grated cheese.

Fried chicken

This crave-able dish is surprisingly simple to turn keto. Start by switching out regular flour in the breading for almond flour. Then, select your favourite ketogenic vegetable oil for frying (we like avocado oil because it has a high smoke point).


The same rule applies to pancakes: swap out the wheat flour for almond flour in your favourite recipe and you’re on your way. Then, top your creations with berries and nuts as a finishing touch.

Charcuterie board

One of the best perks of keto is that you can still enjoy a good charcuterie board—just nix the bread. Impress your family and friends with a luxurious board, complete with a variety of tasty cheeses, meats, and keto-friendly crackers. Don’t forget to add delicious touches such as stuffed olives, berries, and sauces to take it to the next level.

Deviled eggs

This beloved appetizer also happens to be naturally keto! For a tasty twist, top them with avocado, green onions, olives, feta, or even crumbled bacon.

Grilled skewers

Who doesn’t love a skewer hot off the grill? Create a delicious and satisfying feast for the whole family with marinated meats, lemony shrimp, and vegetables grilled to perfection. The trick? Since your veggies and proteins all require different cooking times, resist the urge to pile them all onto the same skewer. Instead, cook just one ingredient per skewer for the best results. 


This traditional Mediterranean dish of poached eggs in tomato sauce is a flavourful and nutritious option that everyone will love. For a tasty little extra, try crumbling in some feta cheese while you poach the eggs.

Lettuce wraps

There are a thousand ways to prepare this fun and versatile dish, which can serve as a tasty appetizer or a delightfully satisfying main. Do a little research to find a low-carb sauce recipe you like or buy a keto-approved bottled sauce to save yourself some time.

Stuffed mushrooms

You would not believe how simple it is to make a gorgeous keto-friendly stuffed mushroom that everyone will adore. For bite-sized appetizers, use button or cremini mushrooms, stuffing them with cheese and a few choice herbs and spices. For a meal-sized dish, scoop out the gills from half a dozen good-sized portabellas and add a generous amount of sauteed veggies and shredded chicken.