Local Spotlight: Enerjive Crackers

Local Spotlight: Enerjive Crackers

We had the opportunity to interview the founder of enerjive, Korey Kealey. After discovering that she was intolerant to gluten, Korey was determined to find a healthy, gluten-free option that wasn't a heavy, chalky bread replacement. That's when Korey found quinoa, the special seed with magical powers (and plenty of healthy benefits). Her eyes lit up with gluten-free glee and enerjive was born. Korey also co-authored the Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Moms with Erin Phillips in 2014. Korey can often be seen whipping up quick, healthy meals on local and national television, delivering her down-to-earth style of cooking and creating tasty recipes. Here's more from Korey!


What do your customers say they enjoy most about enerjive Crackers? 

Customers always do a double take on the ingredient list. They love that enerjive crackers are so wholesome, low in sugar and sodium and the best is that they are free of preservatives!


Who are enerjive Crackers suitable for?

Everyone who wants a satisfying crunch along with a super healthy choice! Anyone with Celiac disease or diabetes and individuals with dietary restrictions. 


What was your first experience with more traditional gluten-free crackers? 

Most gluten-free crackers contain starches, fillers, corn, rice and/or preservatives. They usually contain quite a bit of sodium and added sugar too. I needed a cracker that was wholesome, so I had to make it myself! 


What does enerjive do differently? 

Enerjive will not compromise on the quality of ingredients! Using quinoa, millet, seeds and buckwheat along with selected herbs and spices for flavour keeping it clean and delicious!


What are the benefits of quinoa? 

Easily digested, gluten free, neutral flavour and a complete protein-it's the perfect base to enerjive crackers.


What do you enjoy about being a local vendor in Ottawa? 

I love the ability to demonstrate the crackers in stores and talk face to face to with the customers. Hearing directly from the customer is satisfying and allows us to connect our brand to the community!


What new products has enerjive introduced?

Now that oats are certified gluten free in Canada, enerjive took the opportunity to use oats and bump up the protein profile with pea protein in the new (Vegan) Ranch Flavour! Additionally, all the flavours now come in 40g individual portions for the grab and go trend sweeping the nation!


What are some ways that you can use enerJive crackers that our customers might not be aware of?

We love to pair the Garlic Cayenne with guacamole for a crunchy, creamy and slightly spicy sensation. The hearty texture of the crackers allows for optimal scooping! Try them in your lunch with egg or chicken salad. The chocolate Crisps pair beautifully with almond butter and bananas for a delicious snack or breakfast delight!