Maintaining That Resolution

Maintaining That Resolution

January 1st marks the first day of Diet Resolution Week! Weight-loss has always been the top New Year’s resolution, yet science tells us that 80% of individuals gain the weight (sometimes even more) back before the one year mark. So, what can you do to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off for good?

Write a plan

Experts state that is isn't enough to just decide on a resolution, rather you should take time to write a solid plan. Try creating a SMART goal for a greater chance of success.

Specific - What are you trying to achieve?

Measurable - How will you know it's been achieved?

Attainable - Do you have the ability to achieve this?

Realistic - Can you realistically achieve it?

Timely - By what date will you achieve this?


Create manageable goals

Losing 50lbs in a year might sound daunting, but losing 1-2lbs per week sounds a bit easier. Try to break up a large goal into manageable parts. Take time to celebrate small achievements rather than feel overwhelmed by the work ahead.


Be accountable

Tell someone about your resolution. We are more likely to stick to a plan if we know that a friend or family member is aware of it. Phone applications like CommitNoom and My Fitness Pal are great tools to keep you on track. FitBits have recently become a popular gadget for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle.


Ask for help

Without certain knowledge or skills it can be hard to make specific changes, especially when it comes to exercising safely. Seek out a qualified professional like a personal trainer, nutritionist or naturopathic doctor to keep you on track.  A visit to one of our stores (Barrhaven, Kanata, Blossom Park, Orleans or Westboro) can help you get started - we will have these professionals as special guests in those stores available to talk to you about your needs and goals. Learn more about this special event:


Make a schedule

You would never miss a meeting with your boss, so why would you miss opportunities to improve your health through exercise and meal preparation? Set time aside in your calendar or day planner to exercise, prepare healthy meals or meditate. Treat this time like an important meeting!


Be forgiving

With all that being said, life happens from time to time. Don't stress over one missed workout session or an overindulgence. Stress has its own array of negative health effects. Just make sure that you don't allow yourself to consistently create excuses.