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Melinda's Hygge Hot Chocolate Recipe

In Canada, or at least at my house, February is a month where we get cozy with our hot drinks, reading socks, big blankets, fireplace, and fairy lights. We stay in to read, occasionally socialize with friends and share hot hearty meals. If you love your cozy setup this time of year, you’re sure to love the concept of Hygge (pronounced as hoo-ga), the Danish term for coziness. 

There are many ways you can create Hygge happiness in your home. Interior design blogger and stylist, Hege Morris of Hege in France, says that mood lighting is a major part of this Hygge environment. Candles and warm blankets are also a must if you want to create a warm atmosphere in your home, 

However, it’s more than just cozy items. It’s also about spending time together with loved ones, by doing things like baking or playing a board game. It's about simple pleasures and enjoying each other's company, with friends or family. Put phones and tablets away and have fun! 

One way to join a few of these concepts together is to make my delicious hot chocolate recipe as a family before playing a game, or watching a movie, on a cold winter night. Here’s how to make it: 

Melinda’s Healthy Hot Chocolate: 

  • First, use a ¼ cup of Kardish Better Vegan Protein Chocolate and ¾ cup of Camino hot chocolate mix. 
  • Combine with your choice of warmed milk: almond, cashew, oat, or regular. They all work!
  • Then, add some dairy-free chocolate chips, and mini vegan marshmallows like Dandies—the same great hot chocolate taste, with a few healthier ingredients in the mix.

Finally, serve! And enjoy some Hygge happiness in your very own home.

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