Road Trip Essentials

Posted by Kardish Team on Jul 06, 2017 /  comments

Summer will be over before we know it and we’re just trying to soak in every last minute. What better way to do so than with an old fashioned road trip! As exciting as they are, it can be a little overwhelming to pack the whole family and all your things into a single vehicle and drive several hours or even days. That’s why we’ve put together a list of essential items to bring on your upcoming adventure to keep everyone happy and content!


Convenience without compromise

It can be difficult to find healthy, allergy-friendly food at a gas station or fast food restaurant. Avoid having to compromise by packing healthier snack options like Enjoy Life cookies, snack bars and trail mix. Bring satisfying protein options like individual servings of plant-based protein, dried chickpeas and protein bars.



Stay hydrated

Bottled water can get expensive and wasteful. Bring your own mason jar or S’Well bottle and fill up at water stations and restaurants. Mix in an Ener-C electrolyte packet or coconut water for a hydration boost. Remember to pack some Kiju organic juice boxes for the kiddies! 



Bring along a cooler

Granola and apples can get old after awhile. Bring along a cooler filled with heartier options like sandwiches, hummus and veggies. Not only will this add variety to your road trip menu but also save you money -- nobody wants to pay for an overpriced ham and cheese sandwich!


Avoid tummy troubles 

Travelling can be tricky, especially when you’re passing through small towns. Bring along some probiotics and digestive enzymes for times when you have no choice but to eat at a road side restaurant. It may not be ideal but it’s okay to indulge on the road, and supporting digestion can make the experience more enjoyable.   



Easy personal care

If you’re planning to camp or drive through the night your personal care routine can be compromised. Avoid having to layout the contents of your cosmetic bag in a McDonalds washroom by trying some of these alternatives instead. Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse can be an effective alternative to toothpaste; simply swish a small amount in your mouth and rinse with water. Bring along Pacifica makeup wipes as a simple face cleanser, and Natracare organic cotton wipes for healthy feminine care.  

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