The Kardish Starter Kit To Fitness

The Kardish Starter Kit To Fitness

So, you’ve purchased a yoga mat, some hand weights or maybe even a gym membership. You’re trying to workout on a regular basis but struggling to wade through all ways to “optimize your workout”. Maybe you’re feeling so sore that standing is a challenge. Whatever the struggle, we have the suggestions you need to have the best workout!

Feel energized with a pre-workout supplement


A pre-workout supplement is designed to give you an energy boost while improving overall exercise performance. A product like VEGA Energizer provides these benefits along with anti-inflammatory support from herbs like devil’s claw and turmeric.


VEGA offers two formulas designed for different types of activity. The sugar-free (sweetened with stevia) energizer is a great option for shorter, less intense exercise like a brisk walk or gentle yoga class. The other option which is sweetened with sprouted brown rice syrup and organic palm sugar is a great option for someone participating in high intensity activities like CrossFit and spinning.

Boost your benefits with a proper recovery


Protein is an important macromolecule throughout the entire body, especially in our muscles. When we workout, muscle fibers are broken down. It’s the repairing and replacing of these fibers that makes muscle bigger, creates leaner bodies and boosts weight loss. We can help facilitate this repair by consuming protein after a workout. A protein powder like Progressive provides an adequate amount of well-absorbed protein. Simply mix a scoop with water and drink within twenty minutes of working out.

Soothe sore, aching muscles


Like we mentioned earlier, as we workout we break down muscle. It’s this breaking down of muscle along with inflammatory molecules that causes sore muscles a day or two later. It’s the painful feeling that stops you as you rise from bed or sit on the toilet. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be eased by the anti-inflammatory benefits of curcumin and omega-3s. A high-quality magnesium supplement like Pure Lab can also help to relax muscles and reduce pain.

Try these too!

Optimizing your workout isn’t just about what you do leading up to and after a workout session, it’s also about what you do the rest of the time. Try to incorporate a multivitamin designed for athletes and active individuals like Platinum Naturals Activ-X (NSF certified). Multivitamins help to fill in nutritional caps and support overall health. Active individuals usually require more calories, making protein bars a great snack option.



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