Tips To Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Tips To Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Quick Tips for reducing your blood pressure:

1. Eat healthy.

2. Exercise regularly.

3. Lose the extra pounds.

4. Quit smoking.

5. Limit your alcohol.

6 Limit your sodium in your diet.

7. Limit your caffeine intake

8. Relax!

9. Get your blood pressure checked on a regular basis.

Clinical Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a risk to both your heart and your kidneys. Your blood pressure is based on two measurements (systolic and diastolic).  A reading of more than 140/90 mmHg may indicate you have high blood pressure. If you have diabetes, 130/80 mmHg may be high.  Be sure to check with your health professional to see if you have high blood pressure and what you can do to reduce it.

Blood Pressure Formulation

Formulated with health-enhancing herbs and Naticol® 1000 marine collegen.  Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.  Garlic is used in herbal medicine to maintain cardiovascular health in adults.


"Since I was introduced to Bell Blood Pressure Foromulation Combo, for some months now, I have been able to keep my blood pressure readings to the normal level of about 122/83. I'm absolutely grateful for your product and I have already recommended the product to my family members and friends. "

 -  Mufutau A. (Ottawa)


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