Your Fresh Fall Routine

Your Fresh Fall Routine

Summer holidays have ended and you may find yourself struggling to get back into a routine. At Kardish, we understand that transitions can be difficult, especially when we have grown accustomed to sipping cocktails at the cottage under the warm glow of the summer sun (ah, we miss it too). We want help you to feel energized and empowered to jump back into the groove of things this fall!


Don’t let stress get the better of you

The dog days of summer seem far away when you’re back to packing lunch bags and sitting in traffic. It’s easy to understand why we feel stressed and anxious, but over time it can begin to take its toll emotionally and physically. Manage stress and improve mental focus with L-Theanine by Pure Lab Vitamins. This amino acid is commonly found green tea and it helps calm the mind and improve focus. Another great option for combating stress is Ortho Adapt by AOR. It’s a combination of ingredients that support our adrenals, the glands  that help us to manage stress. Learn more strategies for beating stress this year.


Boost your coffee with BulletProof

Sometimes a cup of strong coffee is the only thing that will get you out the door, your kids to school on time, and that deadline met at work. There are plenty of mixed feelings about coffee and its effects on our health. The company BulletProof has put a lot of research behind their Upgraded Coffee beans and recipe for the perfect cup of joe. BulletProof founder and CEO Dave Asprey says, “I start every morning with Bulletproof Coffee, which is no surprise. The coffee is made with a blended mix of Upgraded Coffee, Brain Octane Oil and unsalted grass-fed butter. I love it because it kills hunger and food craving for hours and gives me serious focus and energy all day long.”


Add foundational supplements

You may have fallen of the supplement bandwagon over the summer, and that’s okay! The start of this new routine might be the perfect time to reintroduce them. There’s no need to buy everything, just a few key supplements will help to support your health all year. We recommend an omega-3 fish oil, probiotic, and multivitamin.


Keep on movin’

Don’t let a busy schedule and changing weather stop you from exercising regularly, one of the most important aspects of maintaining our physical and emotional health. The cool temperatures of September and October can be ideal for outdoor workouts and evening walks. Try parking a little further away when picking the kids up from school or daycare, rake the back yard, or join a community fitness group. It’s important that we make exercise a priority now, so that it becomes a habit throughout the winter months, a time when people often forgo it.


Find healthy alternatives  

We know this can be a stressful time of year with the kids back in school, making quick (not so healthy) snacking common place. You don’t have to clear your house of snacks, but try replacing them with healthier options like Made Good Bars, dried chickpeas, toasted nori and kombucha.