Kardish Organic Castor Oil - 250ml
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Kardish Organic Castor Oil - 250ml


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This distinctively earthy oil has been used for centuries due its versatile nature. • Apply topically at full strength or dilute with equal parts of another carrier oil for irritated, dry skin. • This thick emollient oil maintains the moisture in the skin, keeping it well hydrated and feeling soft. • Can be used to condition dry, split hair. • Seek advice of a health care practitioner for other therapeutic. • 100% pure, organic and Non-GMO • Cold-pressed (Expeller-pressed) • Hexane and paraben free • Rich in Ricinoleic Fatty Acid and Omega 6 (Linoleic) Essential Fatty Acid • No synthetic fragrances, colours or stabilizers • No animal testing • Kardish Quality Verified