5 Simple Energy Boosters For Busy Moms with Dr. Kristy Lewis

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5 Simple Energy Boosters For Busy Moms with Dr. Kristy Lewis, N.D.

In this 45 minute power session, Dr. Kristy Lewis Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Self Love Mom will discuss how 5 simple yet effective lifestyle and diet changes will result in a huge improvement in your energy. She will breakdown the physical and emotional costs when Mom’s neglect their own health, offer practical, take home advice and ultimately begin you on your journey towards building a foundation of self care. You will leave this event feeling hopeful, excited and with a clear plan to improve your energy.

To learn more about Dr. Kristy and Self Love Mom check out www.selflovemom.ca

About Your Speaker

Dr. Kristy Lewis is a Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of the Self Love Mom movement. Her passion for health and commitment to care is apparent with everyone she treats

Dr. Kristy has spent most of her life learning, experiencing and sharing everything to do with health and wellness and has been treating patients throughout Ottawa for the past 15 years. Rated the #1 Naturopathic Doctor in the city, Kristy is a well respected and sought out health care provider in our community. Dr. Lewis’s individualized and compassion based philosophy can be summarized in her mission:

“I want to understand your current health challenges, the obstacles that are getting in your way and the direction that you want to take yourself. I will listen and learn about your unique and authentic life and I will make the connection between your current state of health and your heart’s desire. From this knowledge I will map out your best health plan. I truly want to see you live your best self”

To learn more about Dr. Kristy visit drkristylewis.ca and selflovemom.ca.
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