A Dash of Matcha: Discover the Versitility and get Inspired with Everyday Matcha in Everyday Recipes

A Dash of Matcha: Discover the Versitility and get Inspired with Everyday Matcha in Everyday Recipes

Dive into the vibrant world of matcha with Kardish Health Food Centre’s exciting Matcha Recipe Contest! This is your golden opportunity to showcase your culinary creativity, experiment with flavours, and perhaps even discover a new passion for this ancient superfood.

Our Kardish Better Everyday Matcha isn't just for brewing a traditional cup of tea; it's a versatile ingredient that can transform your meals, snacks, and beverages into nutrient-packed, flavour-rich creations. Whether you're a seasoned chef, a home cooking enthusiast, or simply love to explore in the kitchen, we're inviting you to bring your A-game to the table.

Share your most inventive, delicious matcha-infused recipes on Facebook or Instagram, make sure to tag Kardish and use #EverydayMatchaContest for a chance to win an a year supply of our Better Everyday Matcha. Let’s turn the spotlight on your culinary skills and see how you can elevate everyday dishes with the magic of matcha. Get ready to whisk, blend, and bake your way to victory and become a part of the vibrant Kardish community celebrating health, wellness, and the joy of cooking. To help you get inspired, here are some delicous recipes to try out:


classic matcha majesty latte

Classic Matcha Majesty Latte

Embrace the soothing warmth and health benefits of a Matcha Latte, a serene blend of Kardish matcha tea powder and your choice of milk, with an optional hint of sweetness. Matcha, a superfood famed for its rich antioxidants, offers a gentle caffeine boost and a profound depth of flavour, making this latte an ideal beverage for both relaxation and rejuvenation.


  • 1 teaspoon Kardish matcha tea powder
  • 1 cup milk (dairy or plant-based)
  • 1 teaspoon honey or sweetener of choice (optional)


  1. Create Matcha Paste: Start by whisking 1 teaspoon of Kardish matcha tea powder with a splash of hot water in a small bowl until you achieve a smooth paste. This step is crucial for avoiding clumps and ensuring the rich, earthy flavour of matcha is evenly distributed.

  2. Heat the Milk: Warm 1 cup of your preferred milk in a saucepan over medium heat until it's steaming, not boiling. This gentle heat preserves the milk's natural sweetness and makes for a comforting, steamy latte.

  3. Combine and Froth: Pour the steaming milk into the bowl with your matcha paste. Whisk vigorously until the mixture becomes frothy and fully integrated. The froth adds a delightful texture that's both luxurious and inviting.

  4. Sweeten and Serve: If you like your latte with a hint of sweetness, now is the time to add 1 teaspoon of honey or your sweetener of choice. Stir well to dissolve, then pour into your favorite mug.

Sip your Matcha Latte slowly, savoring the velvety texture and the calming, nuanced flavours. This beverage not only warms the body but also provides a mindful moment to pause and enjoy the present. Whether you're starting your day, seeking an afternoon lift, or winding down in the evening, this Matcha Latte is a perfect companion.


Matcha-Do About Nothing Smoothy Bowl

Matcha-Do About Nothing Smoothie Bowl

Embrace the vibrancy of health with our Matcha-Do About Nothing Smoothie Bowl, a delightful blend of energy, taste, and wellness. This recipe, featuring Kardish's premium matcha tea powder, is your perfect ally for mornings that demand a kickstart or afternoons craving a rejuvenating boost.


  • 2 teaspoons of Kardish matcha tea powder for a refreshing and energizing lift.
  • 1 frozen banana, adding a creamy texture and natural sweetness.
  • ½ cup of spinach, packing this bowl with vitamins and minerals.
  • ½ cup of almond milk, for a smooth and dairy-free base.

Choose Your Toppings:

Customize your bowl with an array of toppings like sliced fruits for a burst of freshness, crunchy granola for texture, and coconut flakes for a hint of tropical bliss.


  1. Blend to Perfection: Start by blending the matcha powder, frozen banana, spinach, and almond milk together. Aim for a consistency that's smooth and creamy, ensuring every sip is as delightful as the last.

  2. Craft Your Bowl: Pour the vibrant green mixture into your favorite bowl. This is your canvas; let your culinary creativity flow.

  3. Personalize with Toppings: Sprinkle your chosen toppings over the smoothie base. Mix textures and flavours for an enjoyable eating experience.

  4. Enjoy: Grab a spoon and immerse yourself in the flavours and health benefits of your Matcha-Do About Nothing Smoothie Bowl.

Simple, nutritious, and utterly delicious, this smoothie bowl is designed to be easily replicated by anyone, no matter your culinary skill level. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, the Matcha-Do About Nothing Smoothie Bowl promises a delightful and healthful experience.


green velvet matcha pancakes

Green Velvet Pancakes

Indulge in a delightful twist to your morning routine with our Green Velvet Pancakes recipe, which marries the traditional fluffy texture of pancakes with the exquisite health benefits of matcha tea powder. This recipe not only infuses a vibrant green hue into your pancakes but also introduces a subtle, earthy flavour that's both invigorating and comforting.


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon of Kardish matcha tea powder
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup milk (plant-based or dairy)
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract


  1. Mix Dry Ingredients: In a large bowl, whisk the flour, matcha powder, baking powder, and salt.

  2. Add Wet Ingredients: Form a well in the center, pour in the milk, egg, olive oil, and vanilla. Whisk to create a smooth batter.

  3. Preheat and Pour: Lightly grease a saucepan and heat over medium-low. Pour batter to form pancakes.

  4. Cook and Serve: Wait for bubbles to form (about 1 minute), flip, cook for another minute until golden, and serve.

Enjoy this healthful, vibrant start to your day, knowing you're nourishing your body with every bite. The incorporation of matcha not only elevates the taste but also offers a boost of antioxidants, which are known for their energy-enhancing and heart-health benefits. Here's to a breakfast that looks as good as it tastes and feels!