3 Biggest Indicators Of Burnout

3 Biggest Indicators Of Burnout

With Dr. Kristy Lewis

These days we are all overwhelmed with expectations, pressures, and judgments about how to live our lives. So many of us find ourselves trying to do it all and making choices that do not reflect our inner values in an attempt to meet these unrealistic expectations. The reality is this is not obtainable nor sustainable, and many people find these pressures begin to manifest in the body as physical discomfort. The top 3 burnout symptoms that I see in my Naturopathic practice are:

1. Fatigue: Do you feel tired even with a good night's sleep, wake up feeling exhausted, and move through your day in a haze of brain fog and heaviness. Is consuming excess coffee, sugar, and salt the only way you feel you can “get through the day.”  Do you fall asleep with your children or on the couch only to wake later feeling groggy and disappointed that you did not get any time for yourself?

2. Moodiness and agitation:  Are you feeling sad, shameful or frustrated because you do not understand why you are lashing out at your partner and children? You love your family and have the life you always dreamed of but do not feel joy or happiness. Do you feel disconnected from yourself? And loved ones and wonder what could be missing?

3. Body pain/tension:  People who are in adrenal fatigue have more chronic pain. Do you carry the weight of unrealistic expectations on yourself? Is it possible that this pressure is now showing up in your body as chronic backache, headaches, whole-body muscle fatigue, and tension?

If you are suffering from any or all of these common symptoms, you are most likely disconnected from your inner values, putting undue pressure on yourself, resulting in burnout.  Check out one of our small group sessions www.drkristylewis.ca, and take your first step into recovery from total exhaustion.

About Kristy Lewis, N.D.
Dr. Kristy Lewis has spent most of her life passionately learning, experiencing and sharing everything to do with health and wellness. She has run marathons, hiked mountains, become a yogi, and spent weeks in silent meditation. She has suffered with chronic pain, burnout and anxiety. She has been vegan, paleo and a raw foodist. She has both restricted and binged foods. She has led and attended retreats. She has been divorced, quit a successful business career, studied to become a Naturopathic doctor, traveled, found the love of her life and had a beautiful daughter.
She want to understand you, your current health challenges, the obstacles that are getting in your way and the direction that you want to take your life. She will make the connection between your current state of health and your heart goals and from this knowledge map out your best health plan.

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