HoneyBar - Your Local Gluten Free Snack Bar Company!

HoneyBar - Your Local Gluten Free Snack Bar Company!

History - 

HoneyBar was founded over 30 years ago. The founder developed the first HoneyBar based off of the snacks from his boyhood days in Greece, a traditional treat made with sesame seeds, honey and sugar, But instead of using sugar, he sweetened the bar with only honey, creating a better and healthier bar – a HoneyBar! The ingredients were Sesame & ONLY honey.

HoneyBar Products grew and relocated facilities based on growing production needs and increased store listings. In 2014, HoneyBar doubled its size by moving into a new purpose-built state-of-the-art facility to meet sales demand and increased the flavour options available. HoneyBar continues to service the Canadian, US and International marketplaces with simple ingredient bars sweetened only with honey.

What are we all about?

-        Gluten Free Certified

-        Made with Non-GMO Ingredients

-        Kosher Pareve

-        Dairy Free

-        Soy Free

-        Low/no sodium

-        Honey only- acts as a binder and natural preservative

-        Vegetarian

-        No artificial ingredients

-        No trans fats

-        10 ingredients or less depending on flavour