5 Natural Health Solutions to Help You Through the Holidays

Posted by Courtney Robertson on Nov 30, 2016 /  comments

‘Tis the season… to feel wiped out and sick? Despite their festive surface, the holidays can be tough on our health.  Our schedules are more packed, the weather is changing, and the food… oh the food. We’ve put together a little “Healthy Holiday Wellness Kit” that’s sure to help with whatever ails you!  


Are you travelling this holiday season?

The holidays can mean time at home with the family, but they can also mean endless hours spent in an airport staring at a monitor hoping not to see another flight delay. With so many people travelling at the same time, airports can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep germs at bay with natural, moisturizing hand sanitizer by Dr. Bronner or Everyone. Small enough to bring in your carry on and made without artificial fragrances, these sanitizers are a safe choice for the whole family.

Is cold and flu season getting the better of you?

As we mentioned before, a key supplement in preventing colds is oil of oregano. A 2012 study showed that oregano oil has antibacterial benefits and is effective in preventing antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. Oregano oil is a potent supplement, which is why we recommend that you follow up each dose with a high quality probiotic. Probiotics will help to replenish healthy gut bacteria and support immune function.


Dealing with tummy troubles?

It’s okay to indulge over the holidays but you also shouldn’t need to wear sweatpants to your next family dinner. Be mindful of what’s in your favourite holiday meals and avoid ingredients to which you are sensitive. But if you do chow down on something that leaves you feeling bloated, or you over-do it at the buffet table, digestive enzymes can help. DigestMORE contains plant-based ingredients that assist in breaking down protein, fat and carbohydrates. Simply take 1 capsule with each meal and promote healthy digestion!


Sit back and relax with magnesium!

We know all too well that the holidays can be a time of increased stress and anxiety. You’ve got gifts to buy, food to make and probably snow to shovel. As much as we want to enjoy  the season, it can get the best of us. Did you know that magnesium might be able to help? Pure Lab Vitamins is a local company that was founded by a pharmacist, and the company produces a special kind of magnesium called magnesium glycinate. It is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier, something other forms of magnesium cannot do. When this happens it helps to calm the mind and promote relaxation throughout the entire body. Pure Lab also makes a magnesium for nighttime that promotes healthy sleep patterns.  


Overwhelmed? Exhausted?

It’s difficult to be joyous and happy standing in a lineup at the mall or getting stuck in the driveway. The holiday chaos can leave us feeling lethargic, sad and anxious. Adaptogenic herbs like those found in locally made St. Francis Strest® can support the adrenal glands and help us adapt to physical and emotional stress. Strest® has also been shown to improve sleep patterns and enhance overall mood.

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