5 Tips To Reduce The Impact Of Caffeine

5 Tips To Reduce The Impact Of Caffeine

Do I have to give up coffee or caffeine completely? The short answer is no. The long answer involves being more mindful of the timing, amount, and how you are balancing caffeine with other nutrients.

We often mindlessly and reactively reach for a “pick me up” like a coffee or energy drink when we are tired. These do the trick but only for a short period, typically followed by an even bigger crash. That being said, I do NOT think that the answer is to restrict all caffeine completely.

However, I want to provide a few tips around when and how to consume coffee so that the result is not a short high followed by a further depletion in your energy.

When and how to consume caffeine:

  1.       Try to consume your coffee within the first few hours of waking to not impact your sleep later that night.
  2.       Switch over to green tea by mid-afternoon, green tea increases your energy and focus, but because of the built-in calming effect of l-theanine, you skip the nosedive in energy after consuming it.
  3.       Balance your coffee by adding fat and protein. Try a bulletproof coffee by adding 1 tbsp of medium-chain fatty acids like coconut oil and 1 tbsp of collagen protein powder and blend. This not only tastes amazing, but it will also balance your blood sugar and cortisol levels so you can get all the enjoyment and benefit without the energy crash after.
  4.       Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate ensure that you drink at least 250-400 ml of extra water for every caffeinated beverage you consume. Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning you will become less hydrated if you do not replace your fluids with additional water.
  5.       Drink coffee away from your medications and supplements. Caffeine can interrupt the absorption of many vitamins and minerals, some of which you may be taking to improve energy. My recommendation is you wait a minimum of 1 hour before taking any supplements after drinking your morning coffee or tea.


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