All About Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Kardish Team on Mar 28, 2017 /  comments

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Apple cider vinegar (AVC) is a fermented liquid made from - you guessed it, apples! It’s best to purchase ACV that is unpasteurized, organic and contains the “mother”. The mother is cloudy strands of healthy bacteria and enzymes which are believed to give ACV its health promoting qualities. Most people can benefit from consuming ACV, even if it’s just in your favourite salad dressing.

Here’s why we love this special vinegar!

It can promote digestion

ACV has a pH under 7 making it acidic. Our stomachs also contain a powerful acid which helps to break down food and promote healthy digestion. It is quite common for people to have low stomach acid which can lead to a host of symptoms and health concerns. Drinking a small amount of ACV diluted in water before meals can help to increase stomach acid production and improve overall digestion.

It’s an affordable personal care item

The face typically has an acidic pH and the soaps we often use to clean our skin is more alkaline. A facial toner helps to bring your skin back to a proper pH balance. Diluting ACV with water and applying to the skin can be an excellent (and affordable) toner. Some folks also swear that a bit of ACV applied to warts can help to get rid of them!

You can use it throughout the home

Use ACV throughout your home by making your own cleaning products, air freshener and fruit + veggie wash. ACV has mild antibacterial qualities which can help to eliminate harmful germs in the home. ACV can also be added to a varieties of dishes you prepare IN your home. Add it to sauces, juices, and marinades for a delicious tangy flavour.  

At Kardish we love Bragg’s Certified Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar because is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized and has 5% acidity.


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