Allergy-Friendly Camping
12 Jun , 2017

Allergy-Friendly Camping

It’s hard not to love the traditions of summer camping. Many of us have fond memories of wilderness adventures, campfires and tasty treats. These experiences aren’t so positive for kids with food allergies and sensitivities. At Kardish, we believe everyone should enjoy fun summer traditions! Here are our top suggestions for an allergy-friendly camping trip.


You can still enjoy classic S’Mores

Squish a Dandies marshmallow between two Enjoy Life gluten-free vanilla honey graham crunchy cookies and add a chunk of your favourite dairy-free chocolate (we like Zazubean and Camino).

Bring along some fresh fruit

Wrap sliced banana, apples or pears in tinfoil and sprinkle with Enjoy Life chocolate chips and more Dandies marshmallows. Bake in hot coals for 20 minutes until everything is soft and melted. Sprinkle the finished warm fruit with some coconut and seeds.   

Make your own nut-free trail mix

Trail mix and granola are camping staples but store bought versions are usually filled with allergens like peanuts and soy. Avoid the worry by making your own with ingredients like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, gluten-free cereal, dried fruit (mangos and cranberries are great), and allergen-free chocolate chips. 


Looking for ways to keep bugs away during your next camping trip? Try these natural bug repellents! Share with us how you keep camping trips safe and fun for everyone. The Kardish team always reads replies to our articles on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and the comments section below.

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